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1. Na­ture more in need of change if there's to be re­ward (12)

8. Stop rul­ing, slacken off and hold de­tec­tives back (8)

9. Printed mark that has its points to head the bill (4)

11. A use­ful con­trivance, to get out of the way! (5)

12. Huge mines worked out around the Mid­dle East (7)

13. Lugs some re­ally awk­ward early starters back (4)

15. With a land mass, is backed in Amer­ica first and last (4)

19. Is giv­ing a fan­cied run­ner about to fall? (7)

20. Trick of ex­e­cu­tion to know as deck ap­pears in halves (5)

22. Be at the range when com­pany gets ap­proval (4)

23. Men lash out about mo­tor­way when he's steer­ing (8)

24. In sand, un­end­ing fear will make a noise if un­harmed (4,3,5)


2. In con­clu­sion, is half-dead and could not go on (5)

3. Fam­ily men are those who take pledges (6)

4. Thanks to be­ing in the line-up, bring it on as con­se­quence (6)

5. Means to be at home and look after sheep ini­tially (7)

6. Never-chang­ing, draw­ing it off from lees is dis­tress­ful (5,7)

7. Light hold­ers that mis­led Nick's cast (12)

10. Mis­chievous child puts one on the map, which is heart­less (3)

14. Re­buke that is con­cerned with trial print (7)

16. A pick­pocket I'd sent up to Peru­vian cap­i­tal (3)

17. Said one would be a mouth­piece, ac­cept­ing sil­ver first (6)

18. With hands on hips a Ki­pling char­ac­ter is not quite a boy (6)

21. Am­mu­ni­tion shortly to be given to North Egyp­tian de­ity (5)

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