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▶ Across

1. Broom making me sob, perhaps (5) 4. Is not certain if I'd sub Open University requires (7)

8. It is light in the middle of what was once resin (5)

9. Venetian craft may display supermarke­t goods (7)

10. John was the plaintiff, but she sounds a dear (3)

11. Will be too long in bed to see plover moving about (9)

12. Remark one musical sound (4) 13. Scorch the fish, as will a cleaner (4) 18. Accustom one to a heat – but one may vary it (9)

20. Take it as it's printed in musicology (3) 21. If in due order, it can be made into one (7)

22. It may be drab, but the colour is uniform (5)

23. It will finish up not so much if it never stops (7)

24. Long narrow top part removed from game bird (5)

▶ Down

1. Where the pupils may be accommodat­ed in a small hotel (8-5)

2. Make one undergo being a king's man, for instance (7)

3. One has it in one's bones to be a mucker on Tyneside (6)

4. One with a spade may be from Down Under (6)

5. Dismiss one in turning up in a party (6) 6. Ring-belt produced by UV light acting on oxygen (5)

7. Perhaps harps on rehearsal of what's unscrupulo­us in business (5,8)

14. Manage with economy to be a spouse (7)

15. Make match work when others are out (6)

16. Fly larva forming a disc round end of pond (6)

17. One's spirits, as kept up by a bird? (6) 19. Is unable to see a screen hunters can use (5)

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