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Bahrain says Iranian arms seized as terror attack foiled


Bahrain has arrested suspected militants who it said were planning an attack and confiscate­d Iranian weapons and explosives in their possession.

The country’s Directorat­e General of Criminal Investigat­ion and Forensic Science said the arrests were made to maintain “security and civil peace”.

“Weapons and explosives from Iran were seized” from the group, who “are linked with terrorist groups in Iran”, Bahrain’s Interior Ministry said yesterday.

Fifty-one people were sentenced to prison terms ranging from five years to life in Bahrain last year for forming and joining a terrorist group.

The High Criminal Court heard they were taking orders from Iran’s Islamic Revolution­ary Guard Corps.

Prosecutor­s said the group had been planning attacks on Bahrain and were supplied with weapons and training by the IRGC.

Bahrain’s Parliament Speaker Fawzia Zainal yesterday said fighting terrorism was a priority. She called for internatio­nal co-operation to enhance security and stability across the region and the world.

The arrests came after world powers met in Bahrain’s capital for the Manama Dialogue, a meeting about regional security challenges.

At the meeting, US Middle East co-ordinator Brett McGurk said the US would remain in the region to counter Iranian threats. He was backed by his country’s defence secretary.

“The US is committed to preventing Iran from gaining a nuclear weapon and to a diplomatic outcome of the nuclear issue,” Lloyd Austin said. “But if Iran isn’t willing to engage seriously, we will look at all necessary options to keep the US secure.”

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