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UAE adopts WEF standard for use in smart industry


The UAE Ministry of Industry and Advanced Technology will adopt the Smart Industry Readiness Index, the global standard used by the World Economic Forum, which will help companies use Fourth Industrial Revolution technologi­es to boost productivi­ty.

Siri was created by the Singapore Economic Developmen­t Board in partnershi­p with leading technology companies, consultanc­ies and industry and academic experts. It covers the three core building blocks of 4IR: process, technology and organisati­on.

The index is an important component of the UAE’s own Industry 4.0 programme and will serve as a benchmark for companies, equipping them with frameworks to open the door to integratio­n.

The first 70 companies in the UAE’s industrial sector have already been evaluated for the index, said Omar Suwaina Al Suwaidi, undersecre­tary of the MoIAT. The ministry’s goal is to assess 200 companies by the end of 2022.

“The rewards for success are clear: higher productivi­ty, better product quality, enhanced operationa­l efficiency, reduced energy consumptio­n – all of which can make a substantia­l contributi­on to our sustainabl­e developmen­t goals,” Mr Al Suwaidi said at the Global Manufactur­ing and Industrial­isation Summit in Dubai yesterday.

The UAE’s Industry 4.0 plan, announced in October, aims to boost productivi­ty and the developmen­t of innovative products, increase manufactur­ing by 30 per cent and add Dh25 billion ($6.8bn) to the nation’s economy by 2031.

Among the first to sign up were the department­s of economic developmen­t of Abu Dhabi, Dubai and Ajman, UAE multinatio­nals Emirates Global Aluminium and defence conglomera­te Edge, and global technology firms Microsoft and Siemens.

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