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1. It's allowed to go round garden and top of terrace (7)

5. Meeting in favour of you finally having minutes (5)

8. Bow, say, has a right to be held by Turkish empire-builder (7)

9. Is among the last three of the children to be up (5)

10. It gives player time to get more men moving (9)

12. A number of games posed as examinatio­n questions (3)

13. It may be honeycomb? What nonsense! (5)

17. It is past the way one understood the reverse (3)

19. Being sandwiched, wager there’s very little in a tavern (2,7)

21. Is not tight, so will misplace nothing at the centre (5)

22. Suffer a French Communist comeback and quit (7)

24. One setting things in motion takes this flight (5)

25. One of Attila's people to dread a loss of so many (7) 1. Men marrying people in stables (6)

2. Are heartless and assessed as being full of bubbles (7)

3. The cat would repeatedly get beaten (3)

4. Wild animal in the Antipodes doing it wrong (5)

5. Stuffing will make people take beef perhaps (9)

6. Chances skiers missing end of piste getting upset (5)

7. This bell sounded in mourning for a short while (6)

11. Cads are at long odds (9)

14. Is more intelligib­le, racer being put out about the French (7)

15. In a ship the oil supply spreads (6)

16. A way to fondle and clasp one in one's arms (6)

18. The day before Ash Wednesday it's not right to be pushy (5)

20. Local leader in uncultivat­ed country will change colour (5)

23. Go from 4 and create a racket (3)

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