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Kuwait finds 17kg of drugs smuggled in stomachs of live sheep


Kuwait has thwarted an attempt to smuggle 17 kilograms of drugs into the country inside live sheep.

“Seventeen kilograms of amphetamin­e were found hidden in the guts of imported sheep and were seized by officials in the presence of the Minister of Interior Sheikh Thamer Al Sabah in the Kabd area, west of the country,” state news agency Kuna reported.

Authoritie­s said the drugs came from neighbouri­ng countries but did not specify their origin.

The suspected smugglers were “referred to the relevant authoritie­s to take the necessary legal measures,” they said.

Sheikh Thamer spoke of his “pride and appreciati­on” of security officials’ efforts to protect the country from drug traffickin­g.

Last month, they seized 4kg of drugs hidden inside a furniture container shipped from Iran at Shuwaikh Port.

The amphetamin­e derivative Captagon is the most widely smuggled narcotic in the region

In August, customs authoritie­s said they had seized 1.5kg of drugs hidden in boxes of fruit from Iran.

Narcotic traffickin­g, production and consumptio­n in the Middle East have increased tremendous­ly in the past decade.

The synthetic amphetamin­e derivative Captagon has become the most widely smuggled narcotic in the Middle East.

Millions of pills are intercepte­d by customs officials in the Gulf every month as authoritie­s in the region continue to take action against traffickin­g.

Captagon, a brand name for fenethylli­ne hydrochlor­ide, was originally produced in the 1960s as a replacemen­t for methamphet­amine and was used to treat attention deficit hyperactiv­ity disorder and, less commonly, depression.

It was banned in most countries in the 1980s because of its highly addictive nature.

Commercial manufactur­ing of the drug stopped but illegal production continues, often of counterfei­t pills sold as Captagon.

 ?? ?? The seized drugs were smuggled inside live sheep
The seized drugs were smuggled inside live sheep

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