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▶ Razmig Bedirian speaks to Pierre Morel on directing ‘Al Kameen,’ a film about a group of Emirati soldiers sent on a rescue mission in the Yemen war


Pierre Morel, director of 2008 movie Taken, was still cutting his teeth in the film industry when he first travelled to the UAE in 1996 to serve as a cinematogr­apher for the National Day celebratio­ns.

“I was a young cameraman back then,” he tells The National. “I was one of the crew filming the 25th anniversar­y ceremony of the creation of the Emirates. I remember Sheikh Zayed [the Founding Father] was there. Being back here close to the 50th anniversar­y has made me feel part of the UAE’s story. I hope to be back for the 75th!”

The French filmmaker has returned to the country not to mark the Golden Jubilee but to release his newest film, which shines a light on a darker passage of Emirati history.

Al Kameen, which was released in cinemas across the UAE yesterday, is set in the thick of the Yemen war and follows a group of Emirati soldiers as they embark on a rescue mission to save their compatriot­s who are trapped in a canyon by rebel fighters.

With its tense premise and tumultuous battle scenes, Al Kameen doesn’t shy from the gruesome realities of war – yet, Morel doesn’t think of it as a mere war film.

“There’s a lot of special effects. A lot of explosions,” he says. “But the film is not about the war. It’s about the emotional journey and the connection you have with the characters. Even though it’s a story set in Yemen, in the Arab world, and I don’t speak Arabic, I saw something universal. A story about brotherhoo­d. It’s more about dedication and love than war.”

As the film is based on true events, Morel says he felt a sense of duty and respect to the soldiers who lived through the experience. “It’s something I kept in mind while making the film. It’s not a spectacle. It’s not fun,” he says.

“War is never a good thing. So we have a lot of respect for all that and for the military who are still there.”

Produced by Image Nation Abu Dhabi and AGC Studios, Al Kameen features an Emirati cast with emerging and establishe­d names such as Mansoor Alfeeli, Omar Bin Haider, Mohammed Ahmed, Khalifa Albahri and Marwan Abdullah.

“I had a blast working with those actors,” Morel says. “I think it was a very specific experience for them because, within the Emirati population, everybody has a family member or a relation who has been to Yemen. So all of the members of the cast had that experience, and could use that to feed the emotions they needed for the film.”

In a quest for authentici­ty, Morel also made it mandatory for the cast to attend a military boot camp for a few weeks before filming began, so that “they not only got fit and in shape but also became completely immersed in the military universe”.

Morel says he was conflicted about directing an Arabic film, but said he overcame that barrier by being mindful of the actors’ emotional delivery of the lines.

“I didn’t understand the words. I got the music, I got the tone. I figured out what was right, what wasn’t. We had our way to communicat­e, which made it a very interestin­g experience. That’s what I like, that’s what attracted me to the story even though it is out of my usual realm of culture. It’s a universal story and the feelings and emotions are universal.”

Another novelty for Morel was working as a filmmaker in an austere and arid landscape. While the director had visited the country’s deserts before and had explored its ochre dunes, he had never come across the cliffs and mountainou­s expanses that can be found on the outskirts of Ras Al Khaimah, where the film was shot.

“Shooting in a wadi in the middle of the desert was demanding,” he says. “Of course the heat was a factor to consider. The experience was interestin­g and intense. It was a beautiful landscape, there was a variety of things I didn’t imagine. I didn’t know how mountainou­s it was.”

These conditions meant the crew had to be resourcefu­l and meticulous­ly organised during shooting excursions. “We had a great crew,” Morel says. “One which was very representa­tive of this nation with more than 45 different nationalit­ies.”

The environmen­t, Morel says, also helped to dial up the stress and emotional complexity required for the film.

“Going every day to the same location, in those vehicles, in that canyon and starting again with the heat, the explosions, there is a sensation of being locked there, which I think played a part in how our actors delivered,” he says.

“When you portray something really bad happening to one of those guys, there’s a real tension that builds up and you need to make it right. Once again, the action is a backdrop for the emotions.”

I saw something universal. A story about brotherhoo­d. It’s more about dedication and love than war

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 ?? Image Nation Abu Dhabi ?? To recreate the lanscape in Yemen, Pierre Morel, above, filmed ‘Al Kameen’ in a wadi in Ras Al Khaimah, top
Image Nation Abu Dhabi To recreate the lanscape in Yemen, Pierre Morel, above, filmed ‘Al Kameen’ in a wadi in Ras Al Khaimah, top

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