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▶ Across

7. In manner of one facing charge without an answer (13)

8. Put up with teasing that was once thought entertaini­ng (4-7)

12. A neat and not a clumsy delicacy (6)

14. Imagine one leaves what could turn out to be a puzzle (6)

16. How to use rod that left one embittered (6)

18. It may give one the right slant on getting letter printed (6)

19. Principals smashed rate of exchange (11)

23. Went over soundly to verify a written form of payment (7,6)

▶ Down

1. A lady's first business may go to pot (4)

2. Wager it's the first letter, but the Greeks put it second (4)

3. Baby's upset about crib-top looking so encrusted (6)

4. Clue is obscure as to this sort of drain (6)

5. Italian province in an amphora, stimulatin­g consumptio­n (4)

6. Shot a pest in the garden (4)

9. Form of pie is the remedy for a fussy eater (7)

10. Gee-gee in river run, he complains (7)

11. One found in a lake in France is not of the clergy (4)

12. What is served up, of course, for a good-looking girl (4)

13. This cap is to be found in front of boot (3)

15. Hazel, a case that may be considered mental (3)

17. Is not as dry as a mute (6)

18. Is at home to a dissenting body like a flea (6)

19. To engage one held in her awkward embrace (4)

20. This may be the end where churchbuil­ders are concerned (4)

21. So handed as to be just flat (4)

22. Not a one? Nobody there, but a spirit (4)

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