Ezra Miller

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So you were you ob­sessed with Harry Potter as a kid?

I was ob­sessed from when the time my Dad read me The Philoso­pher’s Stone. Or The Sorcerer’s Stone as I Àrst came to know it be­cause we’re not al­lowed to know as much es­o­teric his­tory as in the UK. I love this wizard­ing world very much.

Did you lis­ten to the au­dio­books too? Yeah, the au­dio­books were huge for me. My dad read me the Àrst three books then I started read­ing them and then I started lis­ten­ing to the au­dio­books and that be­came an ob­ses­sive prac­tice. I would lis­ten to them for, like, seven hours a day.

You’re ob­vi­ously a big fan. Did you get to go to Hog­warts in this movie?

This is some­thing that makes me very up­set... No I’m just kid­ding. I do constantly give the mem­bers of our cast who did get to go to Hog­warts a lot of grief for not tex­ting me to just say “Hey, I know this is your life and it’s ev­ery­thing to you so maybe you want to come see Hog­warts?” No, no one did that.

What was your favourite scene to film?

I re­ally loved be­ing able to see the mag­i­cal French boule­vard, the equiv­a­lent of Di­agon Al­ley in France. I just love that. I love French cul­ture and art and I have some Al­sa­tian

her­itage – that’s sort of Ger­man and French by the way, not the dog. It was amaz­ing to see all the stores, like the “Baguette Mag­ique” store which makes me laugh in the lower belly.

What’s a baguette mag­ique?

It’s a wand! I don’t know if I’m sup­posed to re­veal that…

Did you get to meet JK Rowl­ing?

Yeah... freak­ing out, dude! But also she’s so good at chill­ing that she charms you, she puts a charm on you. It sort of starts to Áoat away. I re­mem­ber the re­al­ity where you were the most im­por­tant au­thor in my life but that was JK Rowl­ing and you’re just this per­son who’s su­per chill. So that’s help­ful.

Have peo­ple been try­ing to get spoil­ers out of you?

Of course. I have a lot of re­ally de­vout Pot­ter­head friends and they squeeze me.

Have you had any great fan in­ter­ac­tions? I did meet this one ex­cel­lent fan who’s also clearly a very gifted ac­tor. I don’t know how he would like his per­for­mance form to be iden­tiàed – ac­tor, cos­player, mime… But he was at a Comic Con in Cleve­land. He was dressed as Cre­dence from the Àrst Àlm.

Cre­dence has an in­tense hair­cut in the first film. Did he have the hair?

He had the hair! Which is a com­mit­ment. Let’s just start there. The look was im­pec­ca­ble but be­yond the look he was fully chan­nelling my very strange, con­torted per­for­mance of that char­ac­ter. I was just very im­pressed. For a while I stayed in it with him and hon­estly, I broke Àrst! He was too com­mit­ted and it freaked me out. I was like okay, I need your real voice now, I’m wor­ried.

“JK Rowl­ing is so good at chill­ing that she charms you”

Ezra Miller

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