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love to go into mon­i­tors, PC cases and the lot, it all re­lies on the specs of your PC in the end. We’ll keep it sim­ple here.

Razer Deathad­der Elite

We can imag­ine many PC gamers would get this slick mouse just to have the em­blem of Razer as part of their setup, but this does much more than make ev­ery­thing look cool. Here’s a few tech facts: it uses a 16,000 DPI op­ti­cal sen­sor with 99.4 per­cent res­o­lu­tion ac­cu­racy and a 450 inches per sec­ond rat­ing, which ba­si­cally mea­sures how fast the mouse moves be­fore it loses ac­cu­racy. That’s pin­point pre­ci­sion – one very much ap­pre­ci­ated in first-per­son shooters. It’s Es­ports level stuff, and comes with thumb but­tons and a com­fort­able shape that more or less be­comes one with your hand. It’s the top-tier of gam­ing mouses.

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