Time Out Dubai : 2020-07-01

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March 26 Abu Dhabi launches rst three-day National Sterilisat­ion Programme, restrictin­g movement between the hours of 8pm and 6am. Dubai closes airports to travelling public April 29 Shopping malls and non-essential retailers across Dubai and Abu Dhabi permitted to reopen, with reduced capacity and parking March 16 In Dubai, all bars, pubs and lounges are instructed to close February 27 March 23 March 29 May 4 Yas Island closes two hotels to quarantine UAE Tour cycling teams presenting symptoms All restaurant­s, cafés, coffee shops and food service establishm­ents close to dine-in guests in Dubai Dubai government department­s begin working remotely Expo 2020 Dubai con rms it will now take place in 2021 WE ASKED 1,090 PEOPLE HOW THEIR LIVES IN THE UAE HAD BEEN AFFECTED BY THE GL 18 July 2020 timeoutadu­bai.com

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