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Medical items to keep at home

“Basic first aid kits can be purchased-The kits will include all equipment that is required to deal with minor injuries, cuts, scrapes, burns, bruises and sprains and first aid scenarios,” says Nurse Jones.

Plasters of different shapes and sizes. Gauze dressings various sizes.

Eye dressings.

Sterile dressings

Conforming bandages different sizes. Triangular bandage, safety pins. Adhesive tape.

Burns shield.

Sterile gloves.


Heat retaining blanket.

Alcohol free skin cleansing wipes. Scissors.

Mouthpiece for administer­ing CPR. Thermomete­r – ideally a digital one with spare batteries.

Instant cold pack. Antihistam­ine Cream or gel to alleviate insect stings.

Antiseptic cream.

Pain relief such as paracetamo­l and infant paracetamo­l (medicines should be checked regularly to make sure they are within their use-by-date). Iodine (antispetic) to clean wounds. Single use saline for cleaning wounds, washing eyes.

Eye bath.

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