Vac­uum cir­cuit break­ers and “clean air” in­su­la­tion re­place SF6 as switch­ing and in­su­lat­ing medium

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Siemens En­ergy Man­age­ment has re­ceived an or­der from Ber­gen­shalvøens Kom­mu­nale Kraft­sel­skap (BKK Nett) in Nor­way to sup­ply the world’s first SF6-free GIS with “clean air” and vac­uum in­ter­rup­tion sys­tems for a volt­age level of up to 145 kilo­volts (kV).

The switchgear is part of the Ko­en­gen sub­sta­tion in Ber­gen, which shall sup­ply elec­tric­ity from re­new­able en­ergy sources to Nor­way’s largest cruise ship sea­port. Non-con­ven­tional sys­tems for mea­sur­ing cur­rent and volt­age al­low the switchgear to have a much more com­pact de­sign.

The start of the col­lab­o­ra­tion was cel­e­brated on Novem­ber 5, 2018, at Siemens’ head­quar­ters in Ber­gen. Com­mis­sion­ing is sched­uled for end of 2019.

The num­ber of cruise ships in Nor­we­gian waters is ris­ing con­tin­u­ously. While only 100 ships berthed in the Port of Ber­gen in 1990, Ber­gen Havn ex­pects this fig­ure to rise to 300 in 2018. As a re­sult, Nor­we­gian sea­ports have set them­selves the goal of re­duc­ing harm­ful emis­sions dur­ing ship lay times.

One mea­sure is to sup­ply more and more ships with shore­side elec­tric­ity from hy­dro­elec­tric power. To pro­vide the nec­es­sary grid in­fra­struc­ture to han­dle higher volt­ages, the Nor­we­gian en­ergy provider BKK Nett is up­grad­ing its trans­former sub­sta­tion in Ber­gen from a 45 kV to a 132 kV op­er­at­ing level, mak­ing it state of the art.

The or­der in­cludes 3 bays of the 8VN1 gas-in­su­lated, SF6-free 145 kV switchgear. This GIS uses vac­uum in­ter­rupters for switch­ing func­tions and treated air, known as “clean air”, as the in­su­lat­ing medium. It is there­fore pos­si­ble to com­pletely elim­i­nate the use of sul­fur hex­aflu­o­ride.

With this project, a gas-in­su­lated switchgear with vac­uum in­ter­rup­tion sys­tems and “clean air” tech­nol­ogy for a volt­age of up to 145 kV is be­ing de­liv­ered for the first time in the world.

“The large pro­por­tion of hy­dropower in Nor­way’s power sys­tem makes it the world’s most cli­mate-friendly sys­tem. Now we are in­vest­ing in a pi­lot project which uses an en­vi­ron­ment friendly al­ter­na­tive to SF6 gas, thus be­com­ing the first project of its kind in the world with this tech­nol­ogy. Siemens is a solid sup­plier, and we ex­pect them to de­velop this tech­nol­ogy fur­ther,” said Wenche Tei­gland, CEO of BKK Nett.

The first “clean air” vac­uum cir­cuit-breaker and “clean air” in­stru­ment trans­former went into op­er­a­tion in a Ger­man 110 kV high-volt­age grid in June 2018. “This or­der for an SF6-free high-volt­age switchgear in Nor­way demon­strates that our cus­tomers are at­tach­ing more and more im­por­tance to sus­tain­able grid tech­nol­ogy,” says Ralf Chris­tian, CEO of the Siemens En­ergy Man­age­ment Di­vi­sion.

“The SF6-free GIS from our so called

“blue port­fo­lio” re­quires no spe­cial pre­cau­tions to be taken dur­ing op­er­a­tion and re­cy­cling and of­fers top tech­ni­cal per­for­mance, max­i­mum safety, and re­li­a­bil­ity. There is also no longer any need to re­port the quan­ti­ties of flu­o­rine gas used.”

The or­dered 8VN1 GIS fea­tures a rated volt­age of 145 kV, a rated short-cir­cuit break­ing cur­rent of 40 kA, and a rated cur­rent of 3,150 A.

The or­der in­cludes three bays of the 8VN1 gasin­su­lated, SF6-free 145 kV switchgear

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