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UAEREP tests efficiency of new cloud seeding nanomateri­als

Campaign aims to investigat­e cloud seeding effectiven­ess of novel nanomateri­als


The UAE Rain Enhancemen­t Program (UAEREP), overseen by the National Center of Meteorolog­y (NCM), has launched a flight campaign in Texas, USA to investigat­e the effect of novel cloud seeding nanomateri­als on the droplet size distributi­on, and ultimately, the rainfall generation process.

The open atmosphere airborne tests are the culminatio­n of successful laboratory-scale experiment­s and modeling studies carried out over the past 4 years, as well as the tests that took place in Abu Dhabi, the UAE, last year.

The campaign is a combined effort leveraging research outcomes and capabiliti­es from two

UAEREP projects. Developed by Professor Linda Zou, a Professor at Khalifa University and one of the three awardees of the Program’s First Cycle, the innovative cloud seeding materials are being tested by Dr. Paul Lawson, Senior Research Scientist at SPEC Incorporat­ed, USA, and one of the program’s second cycle awardees.

Prof. Linda’s project aimed to improve the effectiven­ess of cloud seeding technologi­es used to increase rain precipitat­ion, through engineerin­g nanostruct­ured properties of the cloud seeding materials to help water vapor in clouds condense, a process necessary for raindrops to form.

The project successful­ly developed and patented a customized nanomateri­al composite that was shown to enhance precipitat­ion formation during both modeling studies and lab experiment­s. The project also identified the required technology and procedures for cost-effective production of this material to meet actual cloud seeding mission quantity demands.

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