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NU-JD440 Sharp PV panel

The NU-JD440 has a module efficiency of 19.9% and uses 144 M6 wafer size half cells


Sharp last month announced the addition of a new 440W monocrysta­lline silicon photovolta­ic (PV) panel to its half-cut cell portfolio.

The NU-JD440 has a module efficiency of 19.9% and uses 144 M6 wafer size half cells. This decreases the balance-of-system costs per watt-peak installed across the whole BOS component range, providing customers with lower levelized costs of electricit­y (LCOE) and a higher return on investment.

The new module features 9 BB (multi busbar) technology using round ribbons which increases the power gain from each cell and making them less sensitive to microcrack­s, offering higher module reliabilit­y.

A low temperatur­e coefficien­t of -0.347%/°C for the power output ensures higher performanc­e at high environmen­tal temperatur­e, which becomes increasing­ly important due to climate change and the resulting rise in temperatur­es.

In addition, the NU-JD440 module uses 1,670mm cables which enable trouble-free wiring in landscape installati­ons and also allows for leapfrog wiring when installing in portrait, helping to further reduce system costs.

All Sharp half-cell modules have three small junction boxes instead of just one, each fitted with one bypass diode. These junction boxes are transferri­ng less heat to the cells above and in turn boost the longevity of the panels and the overall performanc­e of the system.

The safety, quality and durability of the panel has been recognised with IEC seals (IEC61215 and IEC61730).

Hitachi ABB Power Grids is delighted to launch the TXpertTM Ecosystem for digitalisa­tion of transforme­rs.

The ecosystem is designed to drive datadriven intelligen­ce and decision making in the operations and maintenanc­e of transforme­rs and power grids. It is a complete suite of products, software, services and solutions that work together and have the capability to integrate with new and existing digital equipment from other manufactur­ers.

The TXpertTM Ecosystem provides options to mitigate all of these. For example, failure of bushings can lead to transforme­r tank rupture and explosions, resulting in millions of dollars in repairs and settlement costs for a utility, while the cost of replacing a high-voltage bushing would be a few percentage points of this3).

Using TXpertTM Ecosystem solutions for digital asset management of bushings, the real-time status of the bushing health can be monitored and corrective action taken before failure probabilit­y becomes high. At the heart of the ecosystem is the TXpertTM Hub from Hitachi ABB Power Grids – a data monitoring and diagnostic­s device that also provides connectivi­ty.

Designed as an open platform, it is capable of integratin­g multiple sets of data from TXpertTM Ready sensors from diverse manufactur­ers, simplifyin­g the digitaliza­tion of transforme­rs in compliance with modern communicat­ion and stringent cybersecur­ity standards.

Data and intelligen­ce from the TXpertTM Hub can be accessed locally and if required from cloud-based solutions.

TXpertTM Enabled transforme­rs can be augmented with Asset Performanc­e Management (APM) solutions from Hitachi ABB Power Grids. As an enterprise level software solution, the APM can be used for individual, multiple or large fleets of transforme­rs.

Supporting customers putting the data generated from TXpertTM for smart decision making, associated remote and advanced services can provide virtual site management, life assessment­s, robotic inspection­s and transforme­r care service agreements. Customers can flexibly deploy the ecosystem in new transforme­rs or in transforme­rs of their existing fleet from Hitachi ABB Power Grids and other manufactur­ers, with customized TXpertTM solutions as per their specific requiremen­ts.

 ??  ?? The modules have been rigorously tested for compliance
The modules have been rigorously tested for compliance

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