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NAS battery for MWh storage

Featuring a large capacity, high energy density, and long life


NGK INSULATORS, LTD. has developed a NAS battery that realizes a stable supply of renewable energy. By supplying the world’s first fully proven energy storage system, especially for long duration applicatio­n, NGK is aiming to contribute to reducing the global environmen­tal load.

The NAS battery is the world’s first proven storage battery for megawatt-hour energy storage based on NGK’s unique advanced ceramic technology.

Featuring a large capacity, high energy density, and long life, it boasts a compact size (about one-third of lead batteries) and can supply high output power for a long time. With its newest battery, NGK continues its tradition of developing reliable electric power-related equipment to the world to support stable provision of electric power.

With these features, the

NAS battery has begun to attract global attention as a storage battery that helps to reduce peaks due to leveling power, stabilizes renewable energy, and contribute­s to power saving measures, energy cost reduction, and environmen­tal load reduction.

The NAS battery is a storage battery that uses sodium (Na) as the negative electrode sulfur (S) as the positive electrode, and fine ceramics as the electrolyt­e that separates both.

It is a battery that utilises a special ceramic (ß-alumina) that allows only sodium ions to pass through, and is repeatedly charged and discharged through the chemical reaction of sulfur and sodium.

The basic principle of the NAS battery was developed by Ford Motor Company of America in 1967. Ford and ABB in Germany have been working on electric vehicles.

 ??  ?? Large capacity, high energy density, and long life
Large capacity, high energy density, and long life

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