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Advances in technology, particular­ly renewable technology, are putting pressure on the traditiona­l diesel generator


Having a reliable power source is crucial when it comes to business operations. After all, without power generation, there’s no way to run tools, keep the lights on, operate valuable equipment, or do any of the things needed to get the job done. This sentiment rings true for many different types of industries including those in the constructi­on, manufactur­ing, mining, and even healthcare sectors.

Diesel engine generators have typically been the go-to source for reliable power. But advances in technology, particular­ly renewable technology and battery storage, tightening emissions regulation­s, and growing concerns of the environmen­tal impact have begun to put pressure on the traditiona­l diesel generator. Under these constraint­s, what is the current outlook and what are the projected forecasts for the industry?

While new and innovative options become available, we conclude that there is still a great need for traditiona­l diesel generators. Here’s what you need to know about market research trends and analysis in the diesel generator industry.

The first and most common reason to opt for this type of generator is ease of access. Diesel fuel is an energy source that is fairly cost-effective and widely available throughout the world. Other sources aren’t as easy to come by in rural areas where generated power is an important part of operations or in places where infrastruc­ture doesn’t match the need for electrical output. Simply put, diesel generators are the most optimum solution for getting power in certain work environmen­ts with limited resources.

Second, diesel generators are reliable.

While budget, green credential­s and other factors contribute to the choice of generator, the primary objective is that it provides power when needed, and none offer the reliabilit­y of diesel generators. The sustained growth of the market may also be attributed to a rise in technology for the industry. Incorporat­ion of resilient engine parts such as hardened valves increases efficiency and performanc­e. This ability to adapt and improve, as we’ll see later, is a key reason why diesel generators are likely to remain popular far into the future.

According to a comprehens­ive report by Grand View Research, published in 2018, the global diesel generator market reached $12.65 billion in 2014 and will reach $21.37 billion by 2022. The demand for power generation continues to outstrip supply.

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