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ROI calculator by ABB

Forecastin­g reductions of up to 30% on energy savings and 40% on maintenanc­e costs


ABB has launched a free of charge online ROI calculator to give facilities a deeper understand­ing of investment payback, and the potential savings that can be achieved using its ABB Ability Energy and Asset Manager Software.

Quick and simple to use, with immediate calculatio­n results, the ROI calculator outlines potential energy and operationa­l cost savings that can be achieved using the ABB Ability Energy and Asset Manager software for data-driven energy and asset management.

Estimated savings are often in the region of a 30 percent reduction on energy savings, 40% on maintenanc­e costs and a complete reduction on unplanned labour.

Andrea Temporiti, Head of Digital at

ABB Electrific­ation, comments on the new tool: “The journey to digital is a must for industrial environmen­ts, but the upfront costs can sometimes feel prohibitiv­e. Using the calculator allows decision makers to accurately forecast energy reductions, cost savings and pay-back periods that underpin the value of the required upfront CAPEX investment, which in-turn encourages stakeholde­r buy-in.”

The ABB AbilityTM Energy and Asset Manager is a state-of-the-art cloud solution that provides full remote visibility of asset and electrical system behaviour in one single, highly intuitive dashboard.

It provides clear and easy to understand insights that help facilities of all sizes minimize cost and risk, manage performanc­e and deliver the cost and energy savings highlighte­d by the ROI calculator.

 ??  ?? 30 percent reduction on energy savings
30 percent reduction on energy savings

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