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UAE launches national programme for the conservati­on of water and energy


The UAE has launched the National Water and Energy Demand Management Programme, which was approved by the Federal Cabinet to enhance the efficiency of the three most energy-consuming sectors by

40 percent.

Rolled out in cooperatio­n with strategic partners and stakeholde­rs of the federal and local government­s and the private sector, the programme targets 40 percent efficiency of the three most energycons­uming sectors in the UAE: transport, industry and


The programme will adopt the best internatio­nal standards in the nation’s largest water and

energy efficiency drive.

The programme includes three main pillars: Energy, water and consumptio­n rationalis­ation.

Several initiative­s will be launched to reduce energy consumptio­n and realise the

following targets by 2050: reduce energy demand by 40 percent; increase the renewable energy’s contributi­on to the energy mix to 50 percent and expand water reuse by 95


Dubai Clean Energy Strategy aims to produce 75 percent of its energy requiremen­ts from

clean sources by 2050.

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