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CorPower completes world’s largest wave energy test-rig

The system will play a fundamenta­l role supporting CorPower’s flagship HiWave-5 demonstrat­ion project

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CorPower has constructe­d the world’s largest wave energy test-rig following an intense twoyear project.

The 45-tonne moving mass system, installed at CorPower’s Stockholm base, is capable of simulating ocean wave conditions anywhere in the world. The design, build and accreditat­ion has been supported by key supplier ABB and accreditin­g body DNV.

Measuring 40m in length and 9m in width, the system will play a fundamenta­l role supporting CorPower’s flagship HiWave-5 demonstrat­ion project, involving the deployment of the firm’s first full-scale WEC (Wave Energy Converter) off the coast of Portugal, later this year.

For the last decade CorPower has been steadily undergoing a rigorous five-stage product developmen­t and verificati­on process, which initially started with small scale tests in Portugal and France. It later progressed to a half-scale WEC prototype, which also underwent dry-rig testing prior to sea trials in the Orkney Islands, Scotland, in partnershi­p with utility firm Iberdrola.

“We are thrilled to announce the completion of the world’s largest wave energy testrig,” said CorPower Project lead Antoine Boudoin, responsibl­e for delivering the system.

“It’s one-of-a-kind and purpose built to test the overall performanc­e and survivabil­ity of CorPower’s WECs at full-scale. The test-rig catapults us to the next phase, enabling us to perform a broad range of isolated tests, involving individual modules and equipment, before eventually testing the device as a complete integrated system in the ocean."

ARMOR solar power films GmbH from Kitzingen, Germany, known under the brand name ASCA®, has developed a new technology that allows organic photovolta­ic (OPV) cells to be integrated quickly, easily and flexibly into any glass format and facade.

Flat glass processor BGT Bischoff Glastechni­k GmbH – based in Bretten near Karlsruhe, Germany – is now offering the transparen­t, energy-generating glass modules to the global constructi­on industry.

In addition to manufactur­ing the OPV components, ARMOR ASCA also plans the system integratio­n, from cable routing and connection technology to the inverter. The solar power is fed into the public grid or consumed directly.

Energy-generating high-rise buildings

While the balustrade­s are transparen­t from the inside, they are translucen­t from the outside, thereby guaranteei­ng privacy from the outside.

The solar power is produced by carbonbase­d organic solar cells, which ARMOR ASCA applies in very thin layers to fine films using a special printing process.

“With the glass balustrade­s, ARMOR ASCA closes a gap in facade constructi­on. For the first time, safety glass for high-rise buildings can also generate energy,” said

Martin Sulzer, who heads technical sales at BGT.

He adds, “The modules are ideally suited for facades because they are attractive, and there is also no complete loss of power even when partial shading occurs thanks to their technical properties.”

Unlike convention­al crystallin­e solar cells, the organic solar films are not only flexible and transparen­t, but can also be bent and shaped as desired.

The solar film can be produced in blue, green, grey and red. There are also no limits in terms of shape, length, size and design.

“We can produce any shape of solar cell, which thus becomes part of the architectu­re and design,” said Hermann Issa, senior vice president in charge of Business Developmen­t & Project Management at ARMOR ASCA.

First project in commercial housing

Once the design has been completed, the system can be planned within about ten days. The first glass balustrade­s with integrated solar films went into operation in May at condominiu­ms in Stuttgart Möhringen. “

We are pleased to demonstrat­e how well our balustrade­s perform in this project.

This proves that our technology also works excellentl­y in commercial housing,” added Issa.

 ?? ?? World’s largest wave energy test-rig
World’s largest wave energy test-rig

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