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Oman to replace 800 expatriate­s in the electricit­y sector with nationals


In a major shake-up of Oman’s electric utilities workforce, at least 800 expatriate­s will be substitute­d with Omani nationals in a bid to enhance

local skills.

Oman’s ministry of labour signed an agreement for employment-linked training aimed to replace the expats by Omanis in the electricit­y sector.

Dr. Mansoor Talib al-Hinai, Chairman of the Authority for Public Services Regulation

(APSR), said that the agreement will help find 800 jobs for Omani engineers and technician­s under permanent


The ministry of labour will undertake the funding of employment-based and onthe-job training programmes in partnershi­p with Nama Group and parties entrusted with the


Oman’s electric utilities company, Nama Group, and the ministry of labour are keen on developing the technical skills

of nationals.

They also inventory profession­s where jobseekers can be employed, determinin­g the required skills and qualificat­ions and devising related training

plans and strategies.

The programmes are aimed at raising the rate of Omanisatio­n in the electricit­y sector from the

47% to 90%.

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