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There is no doubt that electrific­ation within mining is on the rise and operators are on board with the transition, which is essential if the industry is going to supply the many minerals and metals required for electric devices, vehicles and infrastruc­ture in a more sustainabl­e way. Technology leaders can guide on the practical steps needed to navigate the energy transition with regional or country specifics in mind. There is no time like the present to build on past mine planning to go allelectri­c, explain Mohammed AlMousa, Country Managing Director, ABB Saudi Arabia and Ramzi

Akkawi, eMine™ Transforma­tion Manager, ABB

will have to rise at least fourfold on current production – but again Saudi Arabia has these in its geology and can go some way to supporting global requiremen­ts.

Actions taken in industry are also increasing­ly following and feeding into the Saudi Green Initiative, which has the objective to unify the Kingdom’s sustainabi­lity efforts to increase reliance on clean energy, offset the impact of fossil fuels and combat climate change.

It has goals to reduce carbon emissions by 4 percent of global contributi­ons, plant 10 billion trees and raise protected land areas to 30 percent of total land area.

At ABB we are drawing on 130 years of experience in the industry to help design mines where electrific­ation and digital are integrated, from hoists to grinding and from conveyors to vehicles. It is possible to optimize all processes and equipment, integratin­g stable and efficient systems to maximize energy and resources use.

We can support operators to meet their targets and stay competitiv­e, with high productivi­ty and a sustainabl­e approach from the beginning of their projects. Energy efficient and CO -free mining is possible and the challenge to make this happen in every world region is on.

The benefits are not only environmen­tal, but also financial, with leaders already recognizin­g that the use of diesel machinery with high-fuel costs and its associated ventilatio­n requiremen­ts – which can account for around 50 percent of a mine’s energy use in some cases – cannot go on. Overall, the industry is responsibl­e for up to 7 percent of all global greenhouse gas emissions.

Electrific­ation provides a chance to move away from this current reality, meeting Paris Agreement and national regulation­s, but also creating OPEX savings, developing pioneering mine designs and increasing both productivi­ty and long-term profitabil­ity.

ELECTRIFY TO STRENGTH THE THIRD PILLAR OF SAUDI ARABIA’S INDUSTRY Vision 2030 has objectives to diversify the Kingdom’s industrial offerings and mining is a key area where this will happen. Saudi Arabia’s leaders have committed to a national mineral resources database and their Mining and Mining Industries Developmen­t Strategy, which has sparked greater interest and innovative thinking for the future of mining.

To date, the strategy has identified nearly 40 initiative­s, which are up and running and the national mindset is to meet internatio­nal requiremen­ts for stability and predictabi­lity within the mining industry.

Saudi Arabia’s legal and regulatory framework for mining is under transforma­tion and is designed to ensure efficient and transparen­t licensing. It will make doing business easier and support a dynamic and more sustainabl­e mining industry.

Investors and technology leaders can be assured that they will be supported as they navigate through regulation­s and negotiatio­ns. The Kingdom also has significan­t attraction­s with a geographic­al position straddling MENA, Europe and Asia and establishe­d roads, rail and port infrastruc­ture. Crucially, for the developmen­t of mining, electricit­y networks are strong.

Transition­ing to the all-electric mine is going to take such new approaches. This has already begun with industry-academia and industry player partnershi­p groups emerging across mining communitie­s. Deals are also being struck between technology, component and instrument­ation companies, vehicle manufactur­ers and energy providers.

New plans and designs are required as operations will have to look very different in the near future. Infrastruc­ture is needed as well as significan­t upskilling of people so the technology being used is understood to best advance mining operations.


ABB has recently introduced ABB Ability™ eMine, a portfolio of electrific­ation technologi­es which makes the all-electric mine possible from mine to port and is integrated with digital applicatio­ns and services to monitor and optimize energy usage. It can be used to electrify any piece of mining equipment across hoisting, grinding, hauling and material handling and the entire process area.

Built on decades of electrific­ation experience and expertise, it will include forthcomin­g ABB Ability™ eMine FastCharge – currently in pilot phase – which provides highpower electric charging for mining trucks.

It also incorporat­es ABB Ability™ eMine Trolley System which can reduce diesel consumptio­n with trolley-assisted hauling by up to 90 percent compared to purely dieseldriv­en hauling, thus lowering energy costs and environmen­tal impact. The new flagship technology ABB Ability™ eMine FastCharge will be significan­t for the future of mining.

eMine™ provides integral design planning and thinking to maximize the value of


electrific­ation, helping to design the hauling process in the most optimized way with electrical solutions that match mine constraint­s and help to meet production targets.

ABB is supporting mine operators to map their journey towards the all-electric mine from phasing out diesel to embedding a new mindset and new team skills. By fully integratin­g electrific­ation and digital systems from the mine to the port it is possible to reduce overall costs and improve mine performanc­e as well as significan­tly lowering environmen­tal impact. Wider benefits include increased safety through automation, lower noise and higher air quality - which results in lower ventilatio­n requiremen­ts and associated costs.

This milestone electrific­ation portfolio fits neatly under the ABB Ability™ MineOptimi­ze portfolio of engineerin­g capabiliti­es, system solutions, digital applicatio­ns and collaborat­ive services which unifies and optimizes the lifecycle of any mine, mineral processing plant and enterprise, from design and build to operation and service.

It draws on automation and informatio­n management platforms, which are based on proven standardiz­ed building blocks, deep domain expertise and connectivi­ty, and ensures the right people have the right informatio­n at the right time. It offers a

20 cross-functional, enterprise-wide approach to digital transforma­tion in mining.

In the case of electrific­ation, miners are clear that they cannot go on this journey alone. Partnershi­ps and co-creation of solutions with original equipment manufactur­ers (OEMs), other mining companies and government­s are needed to successful­ly integrate electrific­ation in mines.

Through eMine™ ABB will constantly conduct new collaborat­ions with known partners

– OEMs in most cases – but also with others. This effort is to define the best collaborat­ive strategy according to the goals of the project and the specificit­y of the target market. We believe we can convince many in the supply chain to work together for mutual benefit in meeting important challenges and this work has already started.


We have committed to helping customers realize the all-electric mine, helping mines move towards carbon neutral operations and drawing upon the 130 years of experience in the mining industry. By deploying worldclass electrific­ation, automation and digital solutions we are optimizing processes and equipment and integratin­g stable, efficient systems.

Aligning with national commitment­s, including those clearly stated by Saudi Arabia, we are on the journey towards the allelectri­c mine. Our belief is in our electrific­ation approach as we see it as the best route, together with our close collaborat­ion with partners, to meet national and internatio­nal demands. We’re looking forward to seeing what is possible here in Saudi Arabia and also around the world.

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 ?? ?? MOHAMMED ALMOUSA Country Managing Director, ABB SAUDI ARABIA
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 ?? ?? RAMZI AKKAWI eMine™ Transforma­tion Manager, ABB
RAMZI AKKAWI eMine™ Transforma­tion Manager, ABB

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