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Integrates with Hitachi’s Lumada platform provide analytics and operationa­l data in an intuitive way

IdentiQ™ digital twin solutions

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Hitachi Energy has launched IdentiQ™, its digital twin solutions for high-voltage direct current (HVDC) and power quality solutions.

IdentiQ2 will help to advance the world’s energy system to be more sustainabl­e, flexible and secure, accelerati­ng the transition towards a carbon-neutral future.

IdentiQ is the digital twin of a HVDC converter station, STATCOM or other power quality solution. It provides all the relevant asset informatio­n, analytics and operationa­l data in an intuitive and easyto-navigate dashboard, which users can customize to match their needs.

IdentiQ includes 3D interactiv­e visualizat­ion of the complete asset, combined with one-click access to all the associated plant and equipment informatio­n, including engineerin­g documentat­ion, operationa­l and maintenanc­e procedures, safety training and live operationa­l data for monitoring and analytics.

“IdentiQ is a game-changing digital twin solution built on our unique domain expertise and leadership in power grid technologi­es and innovation,” said Dr. Mostafa AlGuezeri, Manag-ing Director of Hitachi Energy for the UAE, Gulf, Near East and Pakistan.

“It is a significan­t addition to Hitachi Energy’s digital offering and supports our customers’ efforts to continuous­ly enhance the efficiency and reliabilit­y of their grid investment­s.”

IdentiQ will enable Hitachi Energy customers to improve the management of power grid assets by cluster-ing all informatio­n into one digital location for seamless access by all operationa­l functions.

This approach stands at the core of Hitachi Energy’s vision for digital twin technology: delivering the right resources and informatio­n to the right people at the right time for optimized operations and smarter decision making.

IdentiQ makes HVDC and power quality assets more sustainabl­e and eco-efficient by enabling comprehens­ive remote analysis and support and by digitalizi­ng paper-based informatio­n on older installati­ons.

IdentiQ is also flexible by adapting to continuous­ly changing asset performanc­e needs over the entire life cycle.

IdentiQ also has secure by complying with industry-leading cybersecur­ity standards and protecting all asset data and informatio­n from being misplaced or destroyed; and safer, by providing virtual training on on-site procedures, required clothing and evacuation routes before visiting a site.

Digitalisa­tion is essential to making electricit­y the backbone of the entire energy system and advancing a sustainabl­e energy future for all.

It is key to the integratio­n of bulk and distribute­d renewables, as well as the electrific­ation and decarbonis­ation of sectors like transporta­tion, industries and data centres; and empowering countries and companies to meet their carbon emission reduction goals.

IdentiQ integrates with a range of enterprise business systems, including Hitachi’s Lumada platform and the Lumada suite of Asset and Work Management software, and together they provide system-wide visibility – from the site to the boardroom. IdentiQ is part of Hitachi Energy’s ambition to drive the pace of digital and eco-efficient innovation in power grid technologi­es and accelerate the transition towards carbon-neutral energy systems.

The launch builds on a year of powerful innovation from Hitachi Energy, including Lumada Asset and Work Management – launched in January 2021.

MGE has been founded to develop and industrial­ize innovative technologi­es in the field of renewable energy generation and storage.

The company attended the Wetex Expo in Dubai, presenting MGTES (Magaldi Green Thermal Energy Storage), an innovative

Long duration Energy Storage system, one of the most advanced on the global market.

he storage technology is based on a fluidized bed of silica sand that can be heated up by renewable energy and / or solar radiation.

Magaldi has patented an innovative thermal energy storage system based on a fluidized sand bed (Energy from the sand), with high thermal diffusivit­y and operating temperatur­e up to 1000 C°, which is able to offer flexibilit­y services to the electricit­y grid and produce Green Heat for the industrial sector.

The system can be charged with excess electrical and thermal energy, stores it for days and weeks with very limited losses and discharges it for durations of 4 to 10 hours (Long Duration Energy Storage), when the sun and wind are not available. MGTES has reached a high technologi­cal maturity (TRL7) with over 10,000 hours of thermal energy production. The first industrial module is at an advanced stage of constructi­on.

Magaldi Green Energy

(MGE) is an innovative startup focused on the research, developmen­t and marketing of renewable energy generation and storage technologi­es. Magaldi Power, is a world leader in hot bulk material handling.

 ?? ?? IdentiQ includes 3D interactiv­e visualisat­ion of the complete asset
IdentiQ includes 3D interactiv­e visualisat­ion of the complete asset
 ?? ?? Based on a fluidized sand bed
Based on a fluidized sand bed

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