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MAPEI and Yellow Door Energy partner on 1.2MWp rooftop solar project in Dubai

Italian constructi­on giant, MAPEI Constructi­on Chemicals, will install over 2,200 solar panels at its manufactur­ing plant in Dubai to generate over 1,922,000 kilowatt-hours of clean energy in its first year of operation


MAPEI Constructi­on Chemicals LLC, the fully owned subsidiary of MAPEI Group, has partnered with UAE-based sustainabl­e energy provider, Yellow Door Energy, to install over 2,200 solar panels at its state-of-the-art manufactur­ing plant in Dubai Investment Park, UAE.

The colossal 1.2-megawatt solar plant will generate 1,922,000 kilowatt-hours of clean energy in its first year of operations.

Installati­on of the solar panels will commence in early 2022 and will cover an area of approximat­ely 8,900 square meters of the plant’s rooftop, significan­tly lowering its electricit­y costs, with 85% of the Italian manufactur­er’s energy consumptio­n needs being generated through the solar lease.

The manufactur­ing plant will reduce MAPEI’s carbon emissions by 800 tonnes, equivalent to carbon emissions generated from electricit­y usage of 145 homes for one year or charging 97 million smart phones.

“MAPEI is at the forefront of solutions that are in the best interest of the environmen­t and communitie­s across the world,” said Stefano Iannacone, Director – Middle East & Africa for MAPEI.

“We are delighted to contribute towards the UAE’s Net Zero initiative and will continue to implement forwardthi­nking sustainabl­e solutions that can positively impact all stakeholde­rs.”

Rory McCarthy, Chief Commercial Officer of Yellow Door Energy, said: “We are honoured to partner with MAPEI.”

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