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Emicool deploys distribute­d temperatur­e sensing technology at its district cooling plants


Emirates District Cooling Company (EMICOOL), has

become the first district cooling service provider to use a real-time leak detection system using the Distribute­d Temperatur­e Sensing (DTS)


The innovative leak detection system has helped reduce chilled water network losses by almost 70% as compared

to previous years. As part of the Chilled Water Network Leak Detection

Project, Emicool with European based technology provider (Fast GmbH), is enabling early alerts of the undergroun­d leaks, reducing water loss and is identified as a unique concept compared to all existing leak detection concepts like flow meter,

pressure etc.

The early detection of the water loss improves the plant’s operationa­l efficiency by reducing additional chilled water required to overcome

the network leaks.

The company said it was enhancing and facilitati­ng seamless access and

integratin­g latest technologi­cal know-how.

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