Re­gen­er­a­tive ther­apy spe­cial­ist and CEO/ Med­i­cal Direc­tor of Re­gen Med­i­cal, Dr. Steven Vic­tor – aka “Dr. Look Good” – ex­plains the in­no­va­tive stem cell treat­ment he has brought to Dubai

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Dr Steven Vic­tor ex­plains the magic ef­fects of his in­no­va­tive stem cell treat­ment

DR STEVEN VIC­TOR IS A self-de­scribed ‘mad sci­en­tist’ who just might have an an­swer to that an­cient quest: how to look young for­ever. “Ag­ing is not a dis­ease,” he avers. “It’s a nat­u­ral process – that we can re­v­erse.” In­deed, his rev­o­lu­tion­ary stem cell-based re­gen­er­a­tive treat­ment has won the ad­mi­ra­tion of hun­dreds of suc­cess­fully treated pa­tients the world over. “We’ve treated 700 pa­tients so far, but it’s per­fect,” he notes.

It all be­gan with a rev­e­la­tion about fat. “In 2006, I was read­ing an ar­ti­cle about a col­league of mine who had iden­ti­fied that stem cells are present in fat,” Dr Vic­tor re­veals. “Doc­tors like my­self who did a lot of li­po­suc­tion at that point were throw­ing away these valu­able cells. I called [my col­league] up and said, ‘I’m a cos­metic der­ma­tol­o­gist. Can these cells be used for anti-ag­ing?’ And she said, ‘Ab­so­lutely.’”

This dis­cov­ery sent Dr Vic­tor to Athens, where he learned how to ex­tract stem cells from the cap­il­lar­ies in fat. And how do they help with anti-ag­ing? “These cells are in your cap­il­lar­ies when you’re born. They’re locked up and pro­tected. So, they don’t age,” Dr Vic­tor elab­o­rates. “Once you take them out of the blood ves­sels, they ac­ti­vate and start se­cret­ing tis­sue growth ac­tors that make your skin tighter, gives you new blood ves­sels, stops in­flam­ma­tion, and plumps up skin.”

Also, since ev­ery pa­tient is treated us­ing their own cells, many dan­gers are avoided due to the process. “I can’t be al­ler­gic to my­self. Noth­ing can go wrong. It’s to­tally safe,” Dr Vic­tor as­serts.

Af­ter his stint in Athens, Dr Vic­tor re­turned to his home base – New York City – with the new tech­nol­ogy, but, blocked by FDA rules against work­ing with en­zymes, he had to fig­ure out a com­pletely new way to achieve the same goal. “So,” he con­tin­ues, “I’m known to be a mad sci­en­tist. I in­vent a whole lot of prod­ucts for var­i­ous com­pa­nies, so I de­cided that I was go­ing to in­vent a way to make the stem cells from the fat with­out en­zymes.”

And his he did: his tech­nique in­volves us­ing ul­tra­sound to ex­tract stem cells. The all-nat­u­ral process in­volves us­ing “wa­ter, saline, and sound waves, just to break up the cells”, Dr Vic­tor notes. Once the “good cells” are ex­tracted and tested, they are in­jected in­tra­venously, di­rectly into any wrin­kles on the pa­tient’s face, neck, chest and hands. The re­sults of this treat­ment are al­most in­stan­ta­neous and no re­cov­ery time is needed. When Dr Vic­tor in­tro­duced this new treat­ment, it was such a suc­cess that it started at­tract­ing a lot of pa­tients from across the world, in­clud­ing high-pro­file celebri­ties. Many pa­tients from the GCC ad­vised him to of­fer his treat­ments in Dubai, as it was “the hub”. “We had a lot of ex­pe­ri­ence in Dubai with our skin­care brand and we agreed that Dubai was the per­fect cen­ter,” Dr Vic­tor says. Af­ter four years, he re­ceived DHA ap­proval and has es­tab­lished a prac­tice at the Emi­rates Hos­pi­tal in Jumeirah. The ap­petite for his treat­ments here is such that he plans to build his own lux­ury well­ness cen­ter in the fu­ture and also wants to ex­pand his ser­vices to other star hos­pi­tals. And, while he has per­son­ally trained a team to carry out the treat­ments in Dubai, he will be mak­ing reg­u­lar vis­its him­self for the fore­see­able fu­ture.

Although Dr Vic­tor spe­cial­izes in beauty/anti-ag­ing stem cell treat­ments, his ther­apy works in other ar­eas too: “In or­tho­pe­dic prob­lems, we’re 90% suc­cess­ful,” he re­veals. “We’ve grown ten­dons back; we’ve grown car­ti­lage. In the neu­ro­log­i­cal world, we’re 80% suc­cess­ful. We think we can help pa­tients who fail IVF to get preg­nant with stem cells even­tu­ally too.”

Of course, keep­ing the re­sults of the ther­apy takes some more work: “We’re big on well­ness,” Dr Vic­tor says. “I can make you look good, feel good, but, as you get older, it’s more work if you want to stay good. Lots of hy­dra­tion, good food, ex­er­cise, not too much sun. Keep your body in re­ally good shape. It’s about life­style. It’s about well­ness – well­ness is life­style.”

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