The Emi­rates Palace Spa has a new way to boost your min­eral in­take

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The Emi­rates Palace Spa has a swanky new way for you to get a mag­ne­sium boost

M ost peo­ple in need of more cal­cium or mag­ne­sium would grab a bot­tle of vi­ta­mins from their lo­cal phar­macy, but this be­ing the UAE, there is a more ex­trav­a­gant way to boost your min­eral in­take.

The Emi­rates Palace spa has re­cently in­tro­duced two new treat­ments us­ing prod­ucts by French com­pany Thalion that give you an ex­tra dose with­out you pop­ping any pills – in­stead, it’s ap­plied through your skin.

What’s On opted for the The Mag­ne­sium Min­eral Ther­apy treat­ment, and a quick sci­ence les­son is needed first to ex­plain why the min­eral is so im­por­tant to us hu­mans. Mag­ne­sium keeps blood pres­sure nor­mal, bones strong, re­duces in­flam­ma­tion and keeps your heartbeat reg­u­lar. The spa claims this treat­ment, which lasts 75 min­utes, will also help soothe mus­cles and re­lieve stress and ten­sion, es­pe­cially af­ter ex­er­cise.

The ses­sion kicks off with an ex­fo­li­a­tion scrub and a five-minute visit to a steam room. The goal here is sim­ple: it’s time to open the pores so that the mag­ne­sium mask can be ap­plied and pen­e­trate your skin more ef­fec­tively. Af­ter a quick rinse, the body is cov­ered in a mag­ne­sium oil, which cu­ri­ously makes the skin tin­gle in the ar­eas where you need more of the min­eral. Next, a mag­ne­sium mask is ap­plied on top of that, and then your body is com­pletely rolled and wrapped in cling film, leav­ing you feel­ing and look­ing like a sausage try­ing to es­cape its skin. While the oil does its work, the ther­a­pist gives a sooth­ing scalp mas­sage and then the oil and mask are rinsed off. Fi­nally, it’s back to the bed for a cov­er­ing of a vel­vet body but­ter – this last stage of the treat­ment adds mois­ture back to the skin af­ter a ses­sion of ex­fo­li­a­tion and pore open­ing.

So, does it work? It’s a re­sound­ing yes from What’s On for what has been one of the best treat­ments we’ve tried this year. While some ses­sions at a spa can leave you feel­ing a bit dozy and groggy af­ter­wards, we left the Palace with a no­tice­able spring in our step.

Emi­rates Palace, West Cor­niche, Abu Dhabi, daily 10am to 11pm, Dhs800. Tel: (02) 6909000. Taxi: Emi­rates Palace. emi­rates­palace.ae

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