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Nasha Sarkari

Head coach at PUNCH

Box­ing stu­dios can be quite in­tim­i­dat­ing. How does PUNCH dif­fer? Our con­cept re­moves the fear fac­tor from box­ing. In­stead of gritty box­ing stu­dio, we have de­signed a wel­com­ing, clean space. Each per­son gets their own box­ing bag. You’re not spar­ring against some­one else who could be more ad­vanced. You set your limit on how hard you want to go. What do we need to bring with us to class? Just your­self and all the en­ergy you’ve got! Ev­ery­thing else is pro­vided (box­ing gloves, wraps and gym tow­els). How long does it take to pick up the moves? It de­pends from one per­son to an­other. Some clients pick it up straight away. Each class starts with a re­view of the punches be­fore get­ting into work­out, which is good for be­gin­ners, and a nice re­fresher for fighters. Are we burn­ing lots of calo­ries? Box­ing is known to be one of the top sports for torch­ing hun­dreds of calo­ries. Our classes are 45 min­utes of in­tense con­tin­u­ous box­ing, which, go­ing all out, can make you burn up to 1,000 calo­ries. Does it help to pic­ture some­one when you punch the bag? It def­i­nitely helps to take it out on the bag and not some­body else!

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