What's On (Dubai) - - EDITOR’S LETTER -

SS­lightly em­bar­rass­ing but true fun fact: I can’t swim. It’s a source of con­stant amuse­ment for my friends, while oth­ers look at me as if I was some sort of aban­doned child when they find out. A grown man that can’t swim? Silly, I know, but it some­thing I just never re­ally got round to, and I can do other things. I CAN DO OTHER THINGS! Like what? Erm… Oh. I can DJ? Sure, it won’t help if I fall into a large ex­panse of wa­ter, but I do look bet­ter in head­phones than Speedos.

So, that said, I have to be hon­est and say that I’m prob­a­bly not the man to ask about this month’s What’s

On cover fea­ture – ‘the UAE’s best wa­ter parks’. I have been re­li­ably in­formed, how­ever, that, as far as wa­ter parks go, there are few if any bet­ter than the ones we have right here in the Emi­rates, and that doesn’t sur­prise me one bit, be­cause that’s how we roll (pad­dle?) here, right?

Thank­fully, Team What’s On is bet­ter placed when it comes to mess­ing with waves, and they’ve splashed their way through the very best to bring you all you need to know about the emi­rates’ best wa­ter parks. And it does look like a lot of fun. Maybe it’s time for me to dip my toe in, both metaphor­i­cally and lit­er­ally? Swim­ming lessons are on the hori­zon (thanks to the in­sis­tence of my wife), so hope­fully I’ll see you there soon. I’ll be the one with the life vest. En­joy the is­sue. PS – Don’t miss our fan­tas­tic 39th birth­day give­away this month (p28), with 39 great prizes up for grabs. And the count­down to the big What’s On 40th birth­day starts here!

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