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MUS­TANG MUS­CLE Ev­ery­one has been talk­ing about the SLS AMG, FF and Aven­ta­dor po­lice cars, but I have to say my favourite of the cur­rent crop is the Ford Mus­tang. I saw one in JBR last week­end and it looked su­perb in po­lice liv­ery. This and the Chevro­let Ca­maro are the only cars in the new group of ex­otics that wouldn’t mind get­ting dirty, scratched or dented if in­volved in a high­speed chase. You get the feel­ing the Con­ti­nen­tal GT and One-77 would pre­fer to sit back and watch as the Amer­i­cans go af­ter the bad guys.

MOE GINOLI, DUBAI It does look pretty tasty, Moe. We wouldn’t want any of the new law

en­force­ment ve­hi­cles on our tails.

RARE, BUT REAL On last week’s contents page, you seemed sur­prised that Land Rover still makes the LR4. In­deed they do, it’s just that you don’t see them at ev­ery sig­nal or street cor­ner. As your Buyer’s Guide cor­rectly men­tions, it’s an ac­quired taste. Love the weekly mo­tor­ing fix your mag­a­zine pro­vides— keep up the good work. KAPILA CHANDRABHARATHI,


GO­ING STRONG Last week’s Let­ter of theWeek from Jimmy Sadri hit the nail on the head— rather than mock cars like the Camry, we should be full

of praise for them. They are ever so re­li­able; the term ‘work­horse’ was coined for th­ese cars. They keep go­ing no mat­ter what and the pic­ture Jimmy took of the Camry’s odome­ter is proof. With very lit­tle or ba­sic main­te­nance,

th­ese cars will serve the owner im­pec­ca­bly.

I have driven noth­ing but Cam­rys for the past two decades here in the UAE and, agreed, they may not look the best, but when it comes to com­fort and re­li­a­bil­ity, I think there is noth­ing bet­ter. I have never en­coun­tered a sin­gle is­sue with any of my cars— they have served me won­der­fully. Sure, high-per­for­mance cars are great but it’d be nice if they could do 0-100kph more than twice with­out throw­ing a sissy fit.


We agree with you, Ge­orge. The Camry might be ridiculed by some, but if you want stress-free mo­tor­ing, then you want this car.

PLEASE UP­DATE GUIDE I have a comment about your Buyer’s Guide. There seems to be some mis­lead­ing in­for­ma­tion (prices are not cor­rect) and, also, not all the lat­est mod­els in the UAE are in­cluded in it. I rely on

wheels to keep me in­formed about what is hap­pen­ing in the mar­ket and, there­fore, I hope you will up­date it soon. MO­HIT CHATURVEDI,


WHAT AWASTE While driv­ing around Shar­jah last week­end, I chanced upon many aban­doned classics, in­clud­ing a C3 Corvette, a Six­ties Mus­tang and a very de­cent-look­ing Pon­tiac Fire­bird.

I took a snap of it for you guys. There seem to be a lot of hot cars just left out on the streets to rot. Such a shame.


Thanks for the snap, Tim. You can be sure that Imran will be bug­ging you for more de­tails soon.

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