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Mercedes-Benz CL 63AMG

This car was

one of


eas­i­est test drives. Five min­utes at the wheel and it’s clear the new Mercedes CL 63 AMG is amongst the great­est ma­chines on earth. Stomp­ing lev­els of torque and horse­power are kept in form by the car’s Nasa-like elec­tron­ics, mak­ing the CL 63 an ab­so­lute joy to fling through cor­ners.

Switch off the elec­tron­ics though, and it’s al­most im­pos­si­ble to drive this car fast. How­ever, it’s praise­wor­thy that you can still have fun with the nan­nies watch­ing.

Then there’s the ride qual­ity. Cruis­ing in the CL 63 is akin to float­ing as the air sus­pen­sion cush­ions your ev­ery move, and the cabin is as op­u­lent as a QM2 pres­i­den­tial suite. We can’t think of a more com­plete car for Dh735K.

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