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The raw food move­ment is re­ally cook­ing at The mo­ment, so join The band­wagon by mak­ing juic­ing, nut milks, sal­ads, fruits, nuts and seeds an in­te­gral part of your diet

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Raw is the way for­ward — the foodie trend of go­ing back to our di­etary roots isn’t dy­ing down any­time now

One of the things about be­ing a food colum­nist is that I am privy to the knowl­edge of food trends as they are bud­ding, at their peak, and some­times even pre­dict the ones that will rise. One that is cur­rently trending world­wide and gain­ing new trac­tion in the UAE is the raw food move­ment. Raw food may seem to be a grand new and pro­found con­cept, but the fact is that we have been eating some amount of raw foods in our di­ets since time im­memo­rial. Fruits, veg­eta­bles, nuts and seeds have been con­sumed in all cul­tures across the world. The rea­sons are sim­ple… they are eas­ily ac­ces­si­ble and ed­i­ble in their nat­u­ral state and re­quire less work be­cause there is lit­tle or no need to “process” them to make them ed­i­ble or tasty.

Even fish, beef, and other meat have been eaten raw in se­lec­tive cul­tures ( chicken is one of the only meats that is dan­ger­ous to eat with­out cook­ing). The Ja­panese have made eating raw fish a del­i­cacy that has over­taken the world, but it made sense tra­di­tion­ally, as they had ac­cess to plenty of fine fresh fish in the wa­ters sur­round­ing their is­land- chain coun­try. Plus, they also de­vel­oped the cul­ture and ex­per­tise

handed down care­fully over the gen­er­a­tions to pre­pare and serve these raw foods in their op­ti­mal con­di­tions, to pre­vent food poi­son­ing.

Whether or not you are from a pre­dom­i­nantly raw food­eat­ing cul­ture or have the stom­ach to eat raw fish and meat, no one can deny the mas­sive health ben­e­fits of adding more raw fruit, veg­eta­bles, nuts and seeds to your diet. Un­cooked food con­tains lots of vi­ta­mins, min­er­als and an­tiox­i­dants and phy­tonu­tri­ents,

Here are some fun, quick and easy ways to amp up the raw fac­tor in your life.

1 Get a slow juicer Juic­ing your veg­eta­bles is a great and easy way to dra­mat­i­cally in­crease the amount of veg­eta­bles you can con­sume daily. If you hate eating your salad, juice it. Grab all those green leafy veg­eta­bles, throw in some cel­ery and car­rot, and get with it. Not all juicers are cre­ated equal so look for a slow juicer. They are pretty pricey, so you can go with a cheaper cen­trifu­gal juicer, to be­gin with.


Get a Great blender The Vi­ta­mix is an in­dus­trial type blender and you can get very many years of us­age out of it. It’s an ul­ti­mate dream of a blend­ing ma­chine, a mega pow­er­house of a blender, and does the job su­perbly, ef­fi­ciently and quickly. It is an ex­pen­sive in­vest­ment, but to­tally worth it. Make all sorts of smooth­ies for break­fast, lunch or din­ner, if you are us­ing this as a detox.


Make nut Milks This is where a great blender truly shines. Yes, you can buy them in boxes in the su­per­mar­ket, but most con­tain thick­en­ing chem­i­cals and have gone through heat treat­ments that no longer make them raw. Your best bet is to make your own in quan­ti­ties you can con­sume be­fore it spoils — home­made nut milks have a much shorter life, as they have not been pro­cessed to lengthen their shelf life.


Have smooth­ies for break­fast Re­place your reg­u­lar break­fast with a smoothie of raw oats, nuts and even half a ba­nana to sweeten it — or, of course, what­ever other recipe or com­bi­na­tion you pre­fer.


eat a raw salad for din­ner If you switch to hav­ing a salad for din­ner, your body will truly thank you for it. Just re­mem­ber to con­sume pro­tein sources as well or in­cor­po­rate them into your salad.


add a tiny side raw salad to lunch This could be a lit­tle of your salad from din­ner the night be­fore. Just don’t dress it un­til you are ready to have your lunch… or you will have taste­less limpy veg­eta­bles.

7 drink fresh co­conut wa­ter Aside from drink­ing large amounts of wa­ter, you can add co­conut wa­ter to your beverages to re­place a cof­fee or tea drink for the day, but re­mem­ber that only fresh co­conut out of a co­conut husk qual­i­fies. Ev­ery­thing else avail­able on su­per­mar­ket shelves is not fit to be called co­conut wa­ter.

8 re­place sweets with fruit If you feel like hav­ing some­thing sweet for dessert, sim­ply have some raw fruit or make a raw fruit salad and driz­zle on some raw honey.

9 snack on raw nuts and seeds Re­place salty snacks with raw nuts and seeds for a healthy al­ter­na­tive. You could also add them to your sal­ads for a lit­tle crunch.

If you switch to hav­ing a salad for din­ner, your body will truly thank you for it. Just re­mem­ber to con­sume pro­tein sources and in­cor­po­rate them into your salad...

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