Don’t for­get the bath­rooms!

Sham­poo, lo­tions and soaps can leak onto shelves, in the medicine cabi­net and be­neath the sink. Give your bath­room a fresh start by re­mov­ing all prod­ucts, wip­ing down the shelves and re­turn­ing only the items you use.

WKND - - Home Tips A Clean Start - Source: Helpling. ae

There are an av­er­age of 1.5 mil­lion mites liv­ing in our beds! So don’t for­get to give it ex­tra at­ten­tion in the spring clean­ing process. Beat the dust out of the mat­tress, vac­uum it, and leave it in a nice, dry place to air out for a few hours. You should take care of your mat­tress fre­quently, to pre­vent the buildup of mois­ture and skin that at­tracts mites in the first place. Don’t for­get: you should have a look un­der the bed now and then too, to make sure that no dust and wool rem­nants are hang­ing around.

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