Are you as young as you feel?

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Some­thing that re­ally fas­ci­nates me is how age has been flat­tened out. I have a very good friend who’s at least 20 years older than I am, and I have at no point felt we are not on the same wave­length. In­vari­ably, there are some ageist Ne­an­derthals who point out I am, apparently, hang­ing out with some­one old enough to be my dad ( so, I can’t be friends with my dad? What­ever hap­pened to those celebri­tyen­dorsed procla­ma­tions, “My dad is my BFF” or “My son is my best buddy”?). I’d asked my friend why most of his ‘ in­ner cir­cle’ con­sti­tutes peo­ple much younger than him — which is fine, but how come he’s not that into his ( same- aged) school friends or col­lege mates as well? Well, he said, be­cause those who are his age are se­ri­ous “old- timers”, to­tally dis­con­nected from the world around them… whereas he is young. “Re­mem­ber, you are as young as you feel.” So this week, we spoke to those who feel they are ac­tu­ally younger than they are nu­mer­i­cally. Also, there’s a fair chance the oc­ca­sional odd- one- out will even say he or she feels older than he/ she is. Hear out the men­tal math about age be­ing a num­ber.

Then, we get face to face with Paul Sohi, who’s cre­ated the world’s first 3D printed per­for­mance pros­thetic to be used at the Rio Par­a­lympics in Septem­ber this year; he’s 28. Ho Chi Minh City has en­thralled tourists with its abil­ity to wear its heart on its sleeve: we do a speed tour, all of 48 hours, but giv­ing you a sense of what modern- day Viet­nam’s spirit is all about. In Kitchen Clas­sics, cheese dom­i­nates, but there’s noth­ing cheesy about that. All this and much more. En­joy read­ing wknd. and have a great week­end.

“RE­MEM­BER,” He Said, “you’re only as old as you Think you are”

Sush­mita Bose Edi­tor

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