How do you make dough­nuts that are guilt- free? Crazy for Cronuts

P a u l H u r l e y , f o u n d e r o f d u m d u m d o n u t t e r i e , s a y s i t ’ s a l l a b o u t c o n t r o l l i n g t H e f a t

WKND - - Good Eats - By ro­hit nair

ulyof1997… if youwant­to­be­pre­cise.” That’s when Paul Hurley — the founder of the ar­ti­san bak­ery Dum Dum Donut­terie that re­cently opened its doors in Dubai — says he found his love for dough­nuts and set off on a quest to make the best dough­nut in the world. Now, al­most two decades later, he feels that he’s there, but he’ll let you be the judge. And while the jury is out on that, one look at the dif­fer­ent kinds of dough­nuts, ‘ cronuts’ and yum yums on dis­play at the lit­tle store in Jume­riah 2, makes you want to in­dulge in the dessert that, re­port­edly, fat­tens your waist­line dou­ble quick — but in this case does not!

Ear­lier on, Hurley worked in the UK for one of the brands syn­ony­mous with the fried glazed treat — Dunkin’ Donuts. “I worked for them for many years,” says Paul, “and I learnt a lot from them. But I had this urge to do some­thing dif­fer­ent.”

He says he is hy­per com­pet­i­tive and doesn’t like los­ing, some­thing that stems from a time be­fore his dough­nut days. “You’re go­ing to laugh if I tell you,” he warns me and starts laugh­ing him­self. “I used to be a pro­fes­sional dancer,” he says, wait­ing for a re­ac­tion. “I used to com­pete pro­fes­sion­ally — un­der- 15, un­der- 19, that sort of stuff,” he says, still look­ing for a re­ac­tion. But it’s not just that Paul com­peted, he also won. Many times. He was a UK cham­pion for sev­eral years in Latin Dance and even trav­elled abroad to com­pete. “I think that’s where my com­pet­i­tive streak came from,” he says. “But I re­alised how it was all pos­si­ble only much later. My par­ents were ac­tu­ally cham­pion dancers too. And they never told me un­til many years later! But they al­ways en­cour­aged me and I think I’m very lucky to have had such a great fam­ily. My mother ac­tu­ally thought I’d turn out to be a chef when I was a kid, so that’s not en­tirely far off,” says Paul.

So, armed with ideas, ex­pe­ri­ence, and zero lack of con­fi­dence, Paul set out to make the best dough­nut in the world. Of course, it didn’t help when he ini­tially started mak­ing dough­nuts with­out fry­ing them — one of the big­gest rea­sons peo­ple feel guilty about eat­ing dough­nuts. “Ev­ery­one loves dough­nuts. They may not openly ad­mit it ( some will) but they don’t want to be caught eat­ing one. There’s quite a bit of guilt in­volved when you buy

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