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For the fill­ing: • 300 gm cod fish meat, roughly chopped • 200 gm prawn, cleaned, chopped • 10 gm chicken stock pow­der • 15 gm sugar • 20 gm potato starch • 50 ml onion in­fused oil • 30 ml sesame oil • 20 gm minced gar­lic • 20 gm minced gin­ger • White pep­per pow­der, to taste • Salt, to taste

For the wheat starch skin ( wrap­per): • 200 gm potato starch • 400 gm wheat starch • 500 ml hot wa­ter • 50 gm short­en­ing • Yel­low food colouring the fill­ing well with a wooden spoon; cover and set aside.

In a bowl, mix all the dry in­gre­di­ents for the dough. Pour in hot boil­ing wa­ter, and stir with a wooden chop­stick. Add the short­en­ing and colouring last.

Take a piece of wheat starch dough and flat­ten with a “har gao” skin knife.

Line up the dumpling wrap­pers on a work sur­face. Place two tea­spoons of fill­ing in the cen­tre of each wrap­per.

Lightly moisten the edge of each with wa­ter and pinch to­gether to sur­round the fill­ing and form a half moon.

Pleat edges to se­cure the seal.

Place into a dim sum bas­ket and steam for 8 10 min­utes. Gar­nish with black fish roe.

In­gredi Ients

For the fil lling: • 200 gmg shrimp, peeled, de­veined • 400 gmg lob­ster meat, cut into ½ inch se eg­ments

• 50 gm minced bam­boo shoots, wa­ter chest­nuts • 10 gm chicken stock pow­der • 20 gm sugar • 20 gm potato starch • 30 ml onion in­fused oil • 30 ml sesame oil • Fine salt, to taste

For the wheat starch skin ( wrap­per): • 200 gm potato starch • 400 gm wheat starch • 500 ml hot wa­ter • 50 gm short­en­ing • 1 tsp squid ink


Mix all the in­gre­di­ents for the fill­ing and set aside.

In a bowl, mix all the dry in­gre­di­ents for the dough. With wooden chop­sticks, stir in the boil­ing hot wa­ter, short­en­ing and squid ink.

Sprin­kle wheat starch over a wooden cut­ting board or other ap­pro­pri­ate knead­ing sur­face.

While the dough is still hot, start knead­ing un­til it be­comes smooth. If the dough is sticky, you may need to add more wheat starch.

Cut the dough into four sec­tions and roll each sec­tion into an eight inch cylin­der, us­ing the palms of your hands. Cut each cylin­der into eight pieces. Cover with plas­tic to keep the dough moist while you flat­ten each piece.

To make the wrap­per into a near per­fect cir­cle, sand­wich the piece of dough be­tween two pieces of parch­ment paper and flat­ten it us­ing the bot­tom of a pan. Then you can use a rolling pin to roll them out to at least 3 ½ ” wide.

Fold eight nar­row pleats, where each pleat over­laps the pre­vi­ous pleat half­way. Use a small spoon to place a tea­spoon of fill­ing into the cen­tre of the wrap­per.

Press the edges of the dough to­gether, form­ing a half cir­cle.

Put it on your work­ing sur­face, press­ing the bot­tom of the dumpling, and re­peat the same steps for the re­main­ing wrap­pers.

Us­ing a steamer, cook the dumplings on high heat for 7 min­utes. Re­move the steamer from the heat and let them sit for 3 min­utes. Serve dumplings hot.

For the dumplings:

• 20 round won­ton wrap­pers • 5 gm black fish roe • 2 co­rian­der stalks


Com­bine the chicken, chicken stock pow­der, sugar corn­starch, sesame oil, mush­rooms, salt, and pep­per in a big bowl and mix well.

Take a won­ton wrap­per and place a heaped tea­spoon of the fill­ing in the cen­tre. Gather up the sides of the wrap­per and mould into a ball, leav­ing the cen­tre open.

Brush the top of the wrap­per with some wa­ter. Fold the ex­cess wrap­per down and pinch the wrap­per around the fill­ing firmly to pre­vent it from open­ing up and sep­a­rat­ing when cooked.

Oil the bot­tom of a bam­boo steamer and line it with parch­ment paper.

Place the dumplings in the steamer, cover with a lid and place over a pan of boil­ing wa­ter ( mak­ing sure that the wa­ter does not touch the bot­tom of the steamer).

Steam the dumplings un­til cooked, 6 8 min­utes.

Top each siew mai with black fish roe, and co­rian der leaves ( op­tional).


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