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It was heart­en­ing to read the views ex­pressed in ‘ Grey pride — A mi­nor­ity re­port’ ( Au­gust 5, 2016) by those who have em­braced their grey lines and take pride in them, while most of us pre­fer to keep them un­der wraps even if it means eras­ing the years of ex­pe­ri­ence and all the achieve­ments that we are proud of. It is great to have th­ese men and women — who prove that self- con­fi­dence is the best fash­ion state­ment to look up to. Beena Jose, by email

To dye or not to dye is a question that we all have to grap­ple with at some stage in life. I am with those who age nat­u­rally and do not re­sort to colour­ing. Part of the rea­son is my up­bring­ing and hav­ing seen my mum age grace­fully. Be­ing the youngest of four, by the time I be­gan school­ing, my mum had ac­quired sev­eral grey hairs and stood out in the crowd of par­ents when she at­tended par­ent- teacher meet­ings. How­ever, when­ever she spoke, there was grav­i­tas and peo­ple lis­tened in­tently to her words of wis­dom and ex­pe­ri­ence.

I have been wait­ing for my first grey hair but like the prover­bial grass on the other side be­ing greener, the hair on the other head al­ways seemed greyer! Af­ter ea­gerly wait­ing for what seemed like eter­nity for my dig­ni­fied and ma­tured look, imag­ine my de­light when I was re­cently re­warded with my first shades of grey. I am all set to roll out my pearls of wis­dom fondly hop­ing that my ( soon to be) 50 shades of grey will ably as­sist me in get­ting a pa­tient hear­ing! Jaya Ma­halingam, by email

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