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WKND - - Bollywood - 19 au­gust 2016 by MUKUL SHARMA

E4 First read the fol­low­ing puz­zle care­fully be­cause that’ll en­able me to pre­dict EX­ACTLY what you’re go­ing to do af­ter you fin­ish. And be­lieve me, it’s a scary sce­nario! Okay, go. “Two pi­lots start­ing from a place flew away from each other. Af­ter some time, they found they were com­ing to­wards each other. Stranger still, at the start, when they were sep­a­rat­ing from each other, and also at the end, when they were ap­proach­ing each other, they were both mov­ing in the same di­rec­tion. How?”

Right, now this is what you’re do­ing. You’re re- read­ing the puz­zle again to make sure there are no catches in it. Or hid­den mean­ings. Or puns. Or what­ever. But then, af­ter a mo­ment’s thought ( or maybe five min­utes of it) you’re slap­ping your head and go­ing, “Oh, of course! What an easy one. Mukul must think we’re com­plete id­iots!” Then you sit down and im­me­di­ately key­board out an email and click SEND. But here’s the thing. I want the sec­ond so­lu­tion too. Life’s tough.

DEAR MS ( The pend­ing puz­zle was: “You have a roll of cloth, but no me­tre stick. With a 15 cm scale you find: [ 1] ra­dius of the roll = 12 cm; [ 2] ra­dius of plas­tic rod at the cen­tre = 2.5 cm; [ 3] height of the roll = 175 cm; [ 4] thick­ness of the cloth = 0.2 cm. What’s the length of the cloth un­folded?” — MS)

FOLDED- Roll- Dept: The vol­ume of the com­plete roll ( which is in the form of a cylin­der) = 3.142*( 12)^ 2* 175 = 79178.4 sq. cm. The vol­ume of the in­ner plas­tic rod = 3.142*( 2.5)^ 2* 175 = 3436.56 sq. cm. Thus, the vol­ume of the cloth is 75741.84 sq. cm. Vol­ume of cloth = l* b* h or 75741.84 = l* 175* 0.2, which gives l = 2164 cm = 21.64 me­tres. Please let me know which cloth is 0.2 cm thick!

— Sai­fud­din Kho­mosi, saif_ [email protected] hot­mail. com

( The other prob­lem was: “First unana­gram ‘ ATTACHEDASTWINFROMTHEHEART, IT BOILS SPIES. TEA- TOYS EX­CEL ON HOT FRIED CREA­TURE. SHH! FEAST!’ Then solve it.” — MS)


— Push­pendu Nath, psh­p­ndgml­cm­[email protected] gmail. com

TAU­RUS apr 20 may 20

So­cial ac­tiv­i­ties may bring you in con­tact with in­ter­est­ing peo­ple. You tend to at­tract kind­ness and you can of­fer the same to oth­ers. You are more will­ing to find ways to agree than to dis­agree, although you may find it too easy to give in to oth­ers. En­joy your time with loved ones; har­monise any dis­cord. Avoid care­less gos­sip.

GEMINI may 21 JUN 21

Agree­ments are eas­ier to make now be­cause you are likely to feel good about the peo­ple you are in­volved with. Busi­ness and ca­reer mat­ters are favoured and you could be a hit with the boss. Mak­ing a favourable im­pres­sion does more to sell a project this week. You may be drawn to many fi­nan­cial deals that ap­peal to you.


Busi­ness gets done the way you want it, and when it doesn’t, you will be ef­fec­tive in ar­gu­ing your po­si­tion. You pre­fer to stand your ground and be­ing in con­trol. You will tend to get to the core of what makes a deal work and to miss very lit­tle in what­ever you an­a­lyse. Good news re­gard­ing a fam­ily mem­ber awaits you.

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