From dark cir­cles to pig­mented lips and hair fall, our well- loved beauty ex­pert has great nat­u­ral reme­dies

I have very dark cir­cles un­der my eyes and they make me look old and very tired. I use the most ex­pen­sive eye creams, but they have not helped. Can you sug­gest a rem­edy? — Farzana

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When suf­fer­ing from dark cir­cles, you must check if your diet is healthy and in­cludes a good quan­tity of fresh fruits and green leafy veg­eta­bles. Drink­ing 10 to 12 glasses of wa­ter a day is im­por­tant. Af­ter you wake up, have a tall glass of warm wa­ter with lemon juice, 1 tsp honey and a pinch of black pep­per added to it. This makes a very good detox drink. Also, try cup­ping your eyes with your warm palms a cou­ple of times a day. An­other use­ful solution would be to use tea bags as eye masks. I am a 17- year- old girl and I am look­ing for a home rem­edy for pig­mented lips that will work ef­fec­tively. Can you sug­gest some­thing that will help me?

— Name with­held Co­conut oil is ex­cel­lent as a skin light­ener. Ap­ply this on your lips sev­eral times a day to help lighten them.

I am 37 years old, and have dark brown patches on my cheeks. They started ap­pear­ing when I got preg­nant and haven’t gone yet. Can you sug­gest a home rem­edy to get rid of them?

— Diya Make a mask by mix­ing finely puréed potato paste with corn­flour and ap­ply a thick layer over your en­tire face ( es­pe­cially the patches). Leave on for 20 to 30 min­utes and, when dry, scrub off with cold milk fol­lowed by cold wa­ter. Never use hot wa­ter on your skin. Also, avoid be­ing out in the sun if you can — if you do step out, ap­ply sun­block.

I am a 13- year- old girl and I have started ex­pe­ri­enc­ing hair fall and se­vere dan­druff. Please give me some home reme­dies for my hair is­sues. I also have a lot of white­heads on my nose and be­low my lower lip. A quick re­ply would re­ally help!

— Lalithaa Add two tbsp of yo­ghurt and 1 tsp of lemon juice to a beaten egg and mas­sage this onto your scalp. Af­ter a while, sham­poo off. En­sure you al­ways brush your hair be­fore ap­ply­ing this mask. Do this twice a week for best re­sults. It would also help your hair and skin if you could drink nine to 10 glasses of wa­ter a day.

Your white­heads can be tack­led by mix­ing bak­ing soda with a lit­tle wa­ter. Sim­ply ap­ply this onto the af­fected ar­eas and al­low to dry. When dry, ex­fo­li­ate your skin. Do this twice a week, and your skin will look great again.

My hair is fall­ing and very thin. I know that co­conut milk is ex­tremely nour­ish­ing and have been ap­ply­ing this twice a week. I was won­der­ing if you could sug­gest any other nat­u­ral treat­ment for my hair?

— Soha Beat 1 tbsp of aloe vera gel and add 2 tb­sps of potato juice to it. Ap­ply this onto your scalp and en­tire hair and leave on for a few of hours. Rinse with cold wa­ter. Sham­poo your hair the next day. Do this for four months and you will be sure to see a dif­fer­ence in your hair.

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