What does narcissism re­ally mean, and can a lit­tle ex­tra self- love ac­tu­ally be good for you?

has taken the chal­lenge of ad­her­ing to an 8pm din­ner dead­line with the oc­ca­sional pre- bed­time nib­bles of cheese, fruit, milk and nuts. We can­not wait to see the phys­i­cal ef­fects — though the eu­pho­ria of do­ing some­thing to­gether as a fam­ily has al­ready caught on!

Edi­son Nadar, by email

The ar­ti­cle on din­ner dead­lines ( Want to live longer? Eat din­ner at 7, Sept 16) suc­cess­fully ad­vo­cates why a rev­o­lu­tion­ary change in our life­styles is nec­es­sary — a change my fam­ily has al­ways talked about, but never re­ally un­der­taken. I wasn’t aware of just how harm­ful late night din­ners could be! We made a de­lib­er­ate ef­fort to turn things around the very next Satur­day it­self. Din­ner was served by 7.30pm — a great achieve­ment for ha­bit­ual 10pm din­ers who des­per­ately craved to stay fit. Ku­dos for a won­der­ful ar­ti­cle. Eagerly await­ing the next is­sue.

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