This Fri­day’s wknd. had a spe­cial feel- good vibe through­out the en­tire is­sue. An en­tire edi­tion that talks about de- stress­ing and keep­ing the mind, body and soul healthy, youth­ful and happy is bound to have read­ers hooked. Right from build­ing per­sonal re­la­tion­ships away from so­cial me­dia and cell­phones to build­ing con­fi­dence and a healthy eat­ing rou­tine, there was enough food for thought ( pun in­tended)!

The sec­tion on timely meals be­ing of crit­i­cal im­por­tance to your over­all health ( Want to live longer? Eat din­ner at 7, Sept 16) was both mo- ti­vat­ing and an eye- opener for all of us who reg­u­larly com­plain of in­di­ges­tion, bloat­ing and stom­ach ul­cers. Plan­ning your weekly meals and sub­se­quent gro­cery lists as well as main­tain­ing the right so­cial cir­cles that rate health as a pri­or­ity can go a long way to en­sur­ing a long and happy life. Avoid­ing frozen and canned foods and be­ing aware of the in­gre­di­ents you buy and use in your kitchen can­not be stressed enough. The bento box con­cept has taken over the UAE, and rightly so, help­ing us to fo­cus on right por­tions and bal­anced nu­tri­tion. Start­ing this week­end, my fam­ily

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