Have you been ‘ ghosted’?

WKND - - Meet The Team - 30.09.2016 • vol­ume 32 • is­sue 33

his has noth­ing to do with ghosts or spooks, though you might feel a tad spooked about it. What hap­pens when a good friend blocks you from, say, Face­book or IM ( in­stant mes­sag­ing), and then re­fuses to re­ply to emails you send or text mes­sages you ham­mer out ( in growing des­per­a­tion)? You have ab­so­lutely no idea why you have sud­denly be­come per­sona non grata; and re­mem­ber, this used to be a friend ( at times, even a best friend) — not any ran­dom con­tact who may have been do­ing a ran­dom spring clean­ing of his/ her con­tacts’ list ( and de­cided you are no longer very rel­e­vant in his/ her scheme of things). I hear this is a new “thing”, quite akin to break­ing up on Face­book or via What­sapp. Un­like the older, sim­pler times, there’s no time or oc­ca­sion to have a face- to- face to fig­ure what ex­actly led to such a turn of event, and all one can do is take pot- shots. While do­ing so, many are ut­terly dev­as­tated. Be­cause there’s a cer­tain clin­i­cal- ness at­tached to the whole mat­ter. In our fea­ture this week on “ghost­ing”, we speak to a few folks who’ve been the vic­tims ( i. e., have been “ghosted”) and those who have per­pe­trated the act. We also get you the psy­cho­log­i­cal low­down on the phe­nom­e­non. No ghost- busters though.

Who can say enough is enough to pasta? There are, re­port­edly, 350 kinds of ‘ em. I re­cently tried to crack a quiz ( on Play­buzz) on ‘ Can you name all these 30 kinds of pasta?’, and got about 25 of them cor­rect — enough for Play­buzz to ask me if I was a pasta chef. So I’m very chuffed that we have pasta on our cover. Also, check out an in­ter­view with an HR spe­cial­ist; quite a rev­er­sal of the game, I must say, when I get to ask the tough ques­tions. But you’ll be happy to know that hu­man cap­i­tal is still the most im­por­tant as­set a com­pany can have. Travel takes us golf­ing — to Scot­land. And Bol­ly­wood goes on the trail of the for­tune hun­ters: those stars who “be­lieve” in “luck”. All this and much more.

En­joy read­ing wknd. and have a great week­end.

GHOST­ING is THE new “THING”, quite akin To Break­ing up on Face­book

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