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Thearti­cle on nar­cis­sism ( The Mak­ings of a Nar­cis­sist, Sept 23) was an in­ter­est­ing read. It seems to me that, young and old alike, we are all nar­cis­sists on some level be­cause we all love our­selves. But the defin­ing trait here seems to be howwell we can walk the rather thin line di­vid­ing self- con­fi­dence and nar­cis­sism. With tech­nol­ogy shrink­ing our bound­aries, the world is now lit­er­ally our stage. Any­thing we do or say has the chance to be pub­lished or, worse, re­mem­bered for a long time to come. Many of us, there­fore, tend to ex­ag­ger­ate the best in us and hide our weak­nesses. Some­times, it seems we hide our weak­nesses so well and for so long that we forget they ex­ist in the first place. We be­gin to think of our­selves as fault­less and when some­one ac­tual l y points out our weak­nesses, the façade crum­bles, and we re­act. I be­lieve the so­lu­tion over here is self- con­fi­dence. It is the abil­ity to be com­fort­able with both the good and bad in our­selves, and to stay true to our­selves in­chang­ing cir­cum­stances. That would be a true mark of char­ac­ter. Theresa Fer­nan­des, by email

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