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WKND - - Bollywood - 20 jan­uary 2017 by MUKUL SHARMA

E4 Happy New Year to you too, peo­ple who wished and even those who didn’t. This re­minds me of a joke about a baby di­a­per man­u­fac­tur­ing com­pany, which an­nounced their new prod­uct on a new year’s day: a di­a­per that made a sound when­ever it got soiled. They ac­tu­ally called it A Nappy You Hear.

You can stop groan­ing now be­cause I have some­thing im­por­tant to say. I was go­ing to talk about how a lot of peo­ple growl from time to time, say­ing they are not get­ting pub­lished even though they’d got the right an­swer, but I sud­denly re­alised I’ve run clean out of space, time, en­ergy, in­cli­na­tion, age and money. So next week abs def.

Mean­while, some unit cubes are glued to­gether to form a larger cube. Some of the faces of the larger cube are painted. The cube is taken apart and it is found that 217 of the unit cubes have paint on them. What is the to­tal num­ber of unit cubes?

DEAR MS (An ear­lier prob­lem was: “A cube of but­ter is sliced five times by a but­ter knife. Into how many pieces at most can that cube of but­ter be di­vided if each knife stroke is per­fectly straight and the pieces of but­ter are never re­ar­ranged?” In this con­nec­tion, let me say that 23 peo­ple got the wrong an­swer rang­ing from 12, 16, 22 and 32 pieces. Only one has got it right so far. — MS)

Cut-above-the-rest-dept: This can be achieved by us­ing the for­mula (x^3 + 5*x)/6 + 1, where ‘x’ is the num­ber of cuts. So the max­i­mum num­ber of pieces that can be ob­tained in five cuts are 26. — Sai­fud­din S F Kho­mosi,


(Next: “Which were the only Olympic Games not held in a leap year?” — MS)

LEAP­ING-GAMES-DEPT: By Olympics, we al­most tend to as­sume it’s the Sum­mer Olympics, though, in fact, there are Win­ter Olympics too. The sum­mer games are al­ways held in leap years ex­cept the one held in 1900, which, tech­ni­cally, is not a leap year be­cause 1900 is not a mul­ti­ple of 200 (or di­vis­i­ble

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