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WKND - - Meet The Team - 27.01.2017 • vol­ume 32 • is­sue 50

ndi­ans have a du­bi­ous dis­tinc­tion of be­ing rigid. Cul­tur­ally clingy, and, there­fore, not open to em­brac­ing other peo­ple’s habits ( ever heard bor­der­ing- on hor­ror sto­ries of In­di­ans trav­el­ling together to “for­eign” lands?). Then, even amongst them­selves, thanks to their wide ar­ray of eth­nic­i­ties, they are a bit too keen to re­tain their ‘ ge­o­graph­i­cal’ trade­marks. A Pun­jabi will look for dhaba- style sar­son da saag, a Ta­mil­ian will look for his idli- sam­bar, a Ben­gali will want to put on his mon­key cap to ward off the chills, and so on and so forth. These are all stereo­types. Mostly. I say this with a fair amount of con­fi­dence be­cause when I see In­di­ans in the UAE ( my­self in­cluded), they seem ab­so­lutely amenable to be­ing cul­tur­ally com­pat­i­ble with who­ever de­mands it of them. The Crown Prince of Abu Dhabi — and the deputy Supreme Com­man­der of the Armed Forces of UAE — was, yesterday, the chief guest at In­dia’s Repub­lic Day pa­rade in New Delhi; the two coun­tries are also about to em­bark on a brand new re­la­tion­ship to strengthen their al­ready pre­vail­ing deep bond. In the fit­ness of things we look at what third- gen­er­a­tion In­di­ans who live in the UAE — ones who have made this coun­try their sec­ond, even first, home — have to say about liv­ing here, what it’s been like, how it has shaped their val­ues and their ( global) ca­ma­raderie. En­joy!

Do you get that hol­low feel­ing when your vis­it­ing par­ents fi­nally turn their backs on you and walk through the air­port de­par­ture gates? Do you feel like ta­bles have been turned, and, this time, it’s them flee­ing the nest — like you did once? Read about this re­verse empty nest syn­drome in one of our other fea­tures. Pride and Prej­u­dice is alive and kick­ing in Pak­istan, where the coun­try’s Jane Austen So­ci­ety is tak­ingg the beloved writer’s legacy to new heights. All this and much more.

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Ta­bles Have Been Turned: THIS Time, IT’S your

flee­ing THE nest — like you did once

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