Salt for Sparkling teeth

My eight- year- old daugh­ter’s teeth are yel­low­ish, de­spite the fact that she brushes her teeth twice daily: morn­ing and evening. Is there any way in which she can have sparkling white teeth or would you ad­vise me to take her to the den­tist? She hates den

WKND - - B E A U T Y B A S I C S - 3 FE­BRU­ARY 2017 BY RIMA SONI • The one- stop home beauty so­lu­tions space

I’ve been read­ing con­flict­ing re­ports on whether hair should or shouldn’t be oiled. What do you rec­om­mend? Also, if one does oil one’s hair, should it be mas­saged on the scalp or should it be spread all through the hair? Would ap­pre­ci­ate your feed­back.

— Sa­man­tha Thanks for your query. Mas­sag­ing oil into the scalp helps nour­ish it, and ac­ti­vates cir­cu­la­tion; ap­ply­ing oil on the rest of hair re­pairs the dry, dam­aged hair and adds sheen to the hair, giv­ing it a healthy tex­ture. Please do mas­sage oil into your hair for best ben­e­fits. My 68- year- old mother- in- law has cracked feet — and they re­ally act up dur­ing win­ters. Please give me a sim­ple so­lu­tion to help her out, with­out hav­ing to buy creams or lo­tions. a shower, and at night, be­fore bed­time, is ex­cel­lent as a quick re­pair treat­ment.

Is there any way in which I can give my hair a sleek look — very quickly — with­out us­ing a blow dryer or a straight­ener?

— Aye­sha Be­fore sham­poo­ing, just ap­ply olive oil on the hair and leave for 20 min­utes. Shampoo. Add 1 cap of ap­ple cider vine­gar to a tum­bler of wa­ter and give a fi­nal rinse. Towel dry hair and use a fine- tooth comb to comb. When the hair dries, it will look good and straight.

I am a 39- year- old man, work­ing as an ex­ec­u­tive. My knuck­les are very dark, and I feel em­bar­rassed go­ing to a phar­macy and ask­ing for an an­ti­dote. Please tell me how I can get rid of the dark patches.

— Vivek MK The best way to lighten dark knuck­les is to rub the skin of lemon on them; or if you can get lemon oil from the nu­tri­tion store or phar­macy, ap­ply this sev­eral times a day on the knuck­les; at night, leave the oil overnight and wear cotton gloves to keep the oil in place.

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