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• 50 gm shimeji mush­room • 50 gm shi­itake mush­room • 30 gm white onion • 30 gm pineap­ple • 30 gm red cap­sicum • 30 gm yel­low cap­sicum • 30 gm zuc­chini • 20 gm dried tomato • 100 gm sweet and sour sauce • 100 gm crispy flour • 10 gm red chilli • ½ fresh lemon For the crispy flour:

• 200 gm Hong Kong flour • 175 gm wa­ter • 50 gm oil • 50 gm egg white • 100 gm potato starch

For the sweet and sour sauce: • 200 gm white vine­gar • 300 gm su­gar • 37.5 gm salted plum • 212.5 gm tomato sauce • 30 gm OK sauce • 375 gm wa­ter • 10 gm salt • 37.5 gm HP sauce


Mix all the in­gre­di­ents for the crispy flour to­gether and com­bine the mush­room with the mix.

Mix all the in­gre­di­ents for the sweet and sour sauce in a bowl; set aside.

Heat cook­ing oil in a wok or deep pan and deep- fry mush­rooms.

Place the mush­rooms onto a plate with a paper towel to soak up any ex­cess oil.

Re­move cook­ing oil from wok/ pan and leave only two ta­ble­spoons of oil be­hind, or use a dif­fer­ent wok/ pan.

Heat oil and sauté white onions un­til light brown. Sauté veg­eta­bles and fruit un­til ten­der.

Add sweet and sour sauce to wok/ pan, to­gether with red chilli and lemon, and be­gin to boil. Toss mush­room in the sauce un­til coated well. Serve.

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