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Help me with a good con­coc­tion that will make my hands soft and sup­ple. I usu­ally wash the dishes af­ter din­ner ( since we don’t have a dish­washer), and I’ve been notic­ing that’s re­ally taken a toll on my hands. I could buy a hand cream but I’d like to hav

WKND - - B E A U T Y B A S I C S - BY RIMA SONI • The one- stop home beauty so­lu­tions space 17 FE­BRU­ARY 2017

I am 17, and have a lot of acne on my fore­head and cheeks. They started when I was 15 and wors­ened over time. I have a clean diet and drink lots of wa­ter. Please sug­gest a rem­edy.

— Aditya First, wash your skin with clean wa­ter; dry, and ap­ply a mix­ture of aloe vera gel ( 1 tea­spoon), a pinch of cin­na­mon and a few drops of honey. This mask should be ap­plied and left overnight — this is an ex­cel­lent treat­ment for pim­ples. Ap­ply this ev­ery day till you get rid of the pim­ples. You must con­tinue with your wa­ter in­take, eat healthy and try to lead a stress- free life.

Is it okay if I use olive oil ( in my hair) that’s meant for cook­ing? Or is it nec­es­sary to get it from a phar­macy or a beauty store? And if it is al­right to buy olive oil to oil my hair at the gro­cery, what kind would you rec­om­mend: vir­gin or ex­tra- vir­gin — or are they all the same?

— Shan­thi Rao Ex­tra- vir­gin olive oil would be the best oil to use for hair. It is a rich, healthy tonic for hair growth and re­pair, as its an­tiox­i­dant prop­er­ties help greatly. This oil is the same as the one you add to sal­ads. Avoid warm­ing this oil while ap­ply­ing on hair.

Hi, I am re­ally in need of your help. I am a 13- year- old girl with tiny hairs on my face, es­pe­cially in the area above my lips, which doesn’t look good on me. Can you please give me an ef­fec­tive rem­edy which doesn’t harm my skin, as it is very sen­si­tive?

— Name with­held

Make a mask by mix­ing honey, corn flour and egg white. Ap­ply a thick film to dry skin. When mask dries, scrub against hair growth gently. Do this ev­ery day. Hair will start dis­ap­pear­ing grad­u­ally.

I have a few prob­lems. First, my hair has not been grow­ing for the past year and it’s a bit thin. I don’t use any heat styling prod­ucts and also drink a lot of wa­ter but still it doesn’t grow. Can you give me some tips to grow my hair and make it thick? Also, how can I lighten my com­plex­ion, and my dark un­der­arms?

— Name with­held Take 2 ta­ble­spoons of ex­tra- vir­gin olive oil, 1 tea­spoon of cas­tor oil and 12 drops of rose­mary oil. Mas­sage oil into dry scalp. Leave this overnight ( or even a cou­ple of hours). Sham­poo. This should be done thrice a week. Eat a pro­tein- rich diet, ex­er­cise 40 min­utes daily and drink 10 to 12 glasses of wa­ter daily. For your other con­cern: co­conut milk rubbed on un­der­arms and ap­plied on en­tire body will im­prove skin colour. It should be kept for at least an hour daily.

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