Hell Hath no fury…


WKND - - O N T H E R O A D -

The forged parts and other mod­i­fi­ca­tions re­sulted in a crank so ro­bust it can with­stand fir­ing pres­sures of 110 bar — i. e., five fam­ily sedans stand­ing on each pis­ton, ev­ery two rev­o­lu­tions.


With the Hell­cat, you get two key fobs. Use the red one, and you can de­mand the su­per­charged 6.2- litre HEMI V8 to pro­duce a mas­sive 707 horse­power and 881Nm of peak torque. From the mo­ment we got in­side and fired up the engine, we knew this was a dif­fer­ent kind of beast. And on the high­ways, as we coasted along, with even a gen­tle blip of throt­tle, it felt like a over­whelm­ingly fam­ished Rot­tweiler de­cid­edly stray­ing from its master, kept on a tight leash only by com­plex elec­tronic safety gim­micky. If you set it free, its 881 Nm of torque will in­stantly turn rub­ber to smoke and tar­mac to ash.

Bury the throt­tle and, be­fore you count to 4, it will fish tail its way to 100 km/ h — and storm past the quar­ter mile in an NHRA- cer­ti­fied 11.2 sec­onds with pro­duc­tion tyres, with no lull in the ac­tion even be­yond those speeds. The Hell­cat is also the cheap­est way to join the 200 mph club… that is, if you can find a speed oval some­where! As for the sound­track, the com­bi­na­tion of su­per­charger whine and V8 growl is in­fec­tious: it raises the whole driv­ing ex­pe­ri­ence to the next level.

I know what you are won­der­ing: with so much power on tap, how will you trust an­other per­son with it? Well, sim­ply use the black key. It will au­to­mat­i­cally drop out­put to a “civil” 500bhp. And there is a valet mode ac­ti­vated by a 4- digit PIN code that re­duces out­put, lim­its rpm to 4,000, locks out 1st gear, dis­ables launch con­trol and keeps ev­ery­thing in the aptly named “Street” mode.

On the road, the Chal­lenger isn’t coupe cute; its mas­sive steel expanse re­quires some at­ten­tion to steer away from traf­fic and curb. The steer­ing is mus­cle car pre­cise, so it turns left when the wheel is ro­tated to the left and vice versa. But ev­ery time you ap­proach a cor­ner too fast, which may be the case ev­ery sin­gle time, the Brembo slot­ted and vented brakes are there to save the day with their 15.4- inch ro­tors ( 6- pis­ton setup up­front) and 13.8- inch ro­tors ( 4- pis­ton rear ar­range­ment). And when you get to the mus­cle car’s


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