Fun times with curly hair! Iwant

Mix a drop of Vi­ta­min E oil with a few drops aloe vera gel and, with light fin­ger move­ments, run it through the hair. This will con­di­tion and set the hair nat­u­rally. Vi­ta­min E is a rich oil that cor­rects dry­ness; aloe vera con­di­tions and sets hair. When i

WKND - - B E A U T Y B A S I C S - BY RIMA SONI • The one- stop home beauty so­lu­tions space to have fun, curly hair that al­ways looks great. Please help.

I love read­ing your reme­dies ev­ery Fri­day, and I have tried them out too! My up­per lip area is dark; please help me with a rem­edy.

I am a 35- year- old un­mar­ried woman suf­fer­ing from heavy hair loss. I don’t know what the prob­lem is, since I have tried us­ing dif­fer­ent oils and sham­poos. Kindly sug­gest a so­lu­tion for my hair loss. I have a slight prob­lem with dan­druff too. Would ap­pre­ci­ate a rem­edy for that as well.

Thanks for your price­less ad­vice — love them! Is brown sugar ef­fec­tive for ex­fo­li­at­ing skin? If so, please tell me how to do this and which parts of the body it is okay to use on.

— Pinky K Yes, brown sugar helps ex­fo­li­ate the skin. It has bleach­ing prop­er­ties too. Mix some with olive oil or co­conut oil, and add a few drops of lemon juice. Oils will nour­ish and soften the skin, while lemon juice will brighten it.

— Alia Bheem Take a cup of co­conut oil and mix 1 tea­spoon of cas­tor oil into it; add 1 ta­ble­spoon of fenu­greek pow­der, and 1 tea­spoon of tea leaves, and boil this mix­ture on low flame. Leave overnight, and then fil­ter the next day. Mas­sage the oil onto your scalp, and fol­low up with steam treat­ment if you wish. Sham­poo af­ter an hour. Done thrice a week, it will help strengthen your locks. Co­conut oil is nour­ish­ing, cas­tor oil thick­ens hair, fenu­greek pow­der is a rich source of protein, and the tea will darken grey hair and tone the scalp.

Celebri­ties al­ways seem to have a spe­cial ‘ glow’ on the red car­pet with dewy, fresh skin. This ef­fect is in­ten­tional and it all starts with proper hy­dra­tion. To achieve lu­mi­nous skin, Matin starts by spray­ing the face with a toner or rose water to bal­ance the skin. He likes to pair this glow­ing look with dra­matic eyes and a soft pink lip.

Get flaw­less skin thanks to per­fectly blended foun­da­tion. For bet­ter ap­pli- Matin rec­om­mends shap­ing the lip line with con­cealer rather than a lip liner to add def­i­ni­tion. Con­tour­ing around the lip cre­ates a nat­u­ral- look­ing full pout. The bonus is that it pre­vents any colour from bleed­ing, just as a liner would.


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